Koofteh Tabrizi, The Complex Persian Meatball

koofteh Tabrizi-Termeh Travel

Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most difficult, yet delicious foods of Persian Cuisine. The preparation takes time, the stuffings vary, and you need to practice the professional skill of making huge meatballs. The tomato sauce plays a crucial role in Koofteh Tabrizi and needs sensitive taste buds to perfect. You also need to know …

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Khorsht Bademjan, The Eggplant Stew

Bademjoon Stew - Termeh Travel

It’s easy to say most of the Iranian cuisine is made from rice and stew, and we call it Chelo-Khoresht. So far, we told you about Ghormeh Sabzi and Fesenjan Stew, and now I am here to introduce you to the fantastically delicious Eggplant Stew, AKA Khoresht-Bademjan! Give me a chance to quote one of …

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Persian Omelette

Persian Omelette in a Pan - Termeh Travel

Persian Omelette is the White Knight, the savior, and the candle in the darkest night for single parents, college students, and the hungry or lazy individuals who hate cooking. The recipe is simple. Saute tomatoes and mix them with eggs. However, I’m going to show you how to elevate the Persian omelet into a dish …

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Fesenjan, Persian Walnut Stew

When a Persian mom wants to surprise her family or plan for an important dinner party, the only thing that comes to her mind is Fesenjan. The Persian Walnut Stew, Fesenjan, or Fesenjoon is the pride of Iranian cuisine.  Sweet, sour, tangy, and rich, none of them can describe the real taste of this Persian …

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Ultimate Guide For Vegetarians and Vegans Traveling to Iran

Persian Herb Frittata Kuku Sabzi

This is our Guide For Vegetarians and Vegans Traveling to Iran. One of the most significant parts of a fantastic trip is trying new food. You can quickly get familiar with a culture when you eat its traditional dishes, but things can be difficult when you have a different dietary lifestyle. If you are a …

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