Kabab Koobideh, The King of Persian Cuisine

Kabab-Koobideh-Main- Termeh Travel

Step aside foods, the king has arrived. Kabab koobideh is every Iranian child’s favorite. We all remember helping our fathers with the grill and getting sneaky bites of koobideh wrapped in a bread, soaked with delicious runny fat as a reward. Kabab koobideh is inseparable from Iranian culture. It’s in all Persian weddings, every restaurant’s …

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Ash Reshteh, The Persian Magic

Ash Reshteh- Termeh Travel

In the cold nights of winter, Ash Reshteh can make your heart warm and fuzzy. However, for Iranians, this delicious Persian noodle soup is more than just a meal. Ash Reshteh is intertwined with the significant points in people’s lives more than any other dish. Ash Reshteh gathers people together and represents the value of …

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