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A Movie Nerd’s Journey to Find the Best Iranian Movie

Tame Gilas/Taste of Cherry 1997 A mysterious man drives around the outskirts of Tehran, picking up people and asking them for a strange request. He encounters a Kurd soldier, an Afghan student of Islamic studies, and an older Turkish guy with a charming mustache. The driver interviews these non-actors about their life and offers them […]

Nomad Tour in Black Tent - Termeh Travel

Traveling to Iran as a Group, What You Need to Know

Traveling in a group brings new thrills and life-defining moments, not just in Iran but anywhere. And when it comes to Iran, the beauty of the land, its rich history, amazing food, and unmatched hospitality make it an even more unforgettable experience.  Traveling to Iran as a group can be incredibly exciting and fun! It’s […]

10 Iranian Novels and Short Stories That You Must Read at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Have you ever watched fantasy movies like Alice in Wonderland and wished you could enter that magical world? Yes, it is not possible to do that in the real world. But great books can help you while sitting on your comfortable chair drinking a refreshing tea. It sounds fantastic, right? Imagine entering a world portrayed […]

Nomads in Iran; Dancing Rainbow Colors Under the Tents

Would you like to enjoy living the ancient Iranian lifestyle? Then, you should visit nomads in Iran, where you can dance amongst the mountain flowers and relax under a tent watching the snowmelt stream.  These people are the last generations of Kooch, the embodiment of the nomadic lifestyle, and maintain many epic cultural characteristics of […]

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Iran’s Travel Cost: Is Traveling to Iran Affordable?

Traveling to Iran is way more amazing than you can imagine. Iran is a gorgeous country with delightful natural wonders, friendly people, and delicious food. But more importantly, Iran’s travel cost is truly affordable. You can enjoy your trip to Iran in different ways, from a luxurious trip to a very reasonable hitchhike adventure that […]

Nowruz Mythology - Termeh Travel

Darkness vs. Light: Nowruz Mythology and Folktales

Happiness, hope and, more importantly, a new beginning! These are the three concepts associated with the new year. Since human beings observed the change of seasons, they noticed that spring is when nature gets renewed. The Iranian new year or Nowruz mythology is full of stories about the endless battles between the forces of light […]

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Looking for Unique Presents? Try Iranian Gifts and Souvenirs

Do you remember when you were a kid and looked forward to receiving souvenirs? Yes, I am talking about the feeling of joy and excitement of waiting for someone to come back from a trip and bring you something special. As you grow older, although the thrill of getting a souvenir is still there, buying […]

Are Iranians Arab? - Termeh Travel

Are Iranians Arabs? A Comprehensive Overview

If we want to make a list of the most common questions about Iranians, “Are Iranians Arabs?”  would be at the top of the list. If you have an Iranian friend, you may witness people asking this question a lot from them. There are different reactions to this simple question. Some people laugh, some others […]

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Top Persian Actresses that You Should Know

One of the many things that Iranians are proud of, is their artistic spirit and artwork. So, it is not unexpected for this culture to have so many talented actors and actresses who have added their touch to every movie they play. Although mentioning every Persian actress’s name in this blog post is impossible, we […]

Behrooz Vosoughi - Persian Actors - Termeh Travel

Who Are the Most Popular Persian Actors of All Time?

Just think about what would happen if movies and TV shows were not invented. Our life would be so empty without watching a funny, entertaining new year comedy or a gloomy drama in which a superstar actor gave his everything to make you tear your eyes out! Well, movies are nothing without their talented actors […]

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