Farhad Mehrad- Termeh Travel

8 Best Iranian Rock and Fusion Singers

Farhad Mehrad A black and white scene, with a good looking man wearing a casual suit, sitting behind a piano, smoking a cigar, and singing mesmerizing songs; this is the picture of one of the Iranian rock singers, Farhad, in people’s minds. His voice is like magic; you can think about him and hear his […]

The members of pallet band sitting in a cafe- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel

Persian Music bands: Iranian Ensembles Worth Listening to

Damahi Have you ever felt so close to a place that you adore without actually being there physically? That’s what I feel about the south of Iran whenever I listen to one of the best Persian music bands called Damahi. Damahi is the link that takes my soul to the south, its dreamy sea and […]

Mohammad-Reza-Lotfi playing setar- Termeh Travel

20 Top Iranian Musicians

Music is a part of everyone’s life, but Iranians’ connection to music is special. In Iran, every aspect of people’s lives is linked to music. No matter if there is a sad or happy occasion, there is always a piece of music created by a great Iranian musician to help people. In Greek mythology, muses […]

Persian Falafel in a plate- Termeh Travel

The Best Persian Falafel Recipe: Crispy and Delicious

What sound is more satisfying than listening to your food sizzling in a bucket of hot oil? Putting Tahdig aside, Persian Falafel must be in the top 10 most satisfying Iranian foods of all time. When you drop a spoon of uncooked Falafel into the hot oil, you can see how little oil bubbles spread […]


Joojeh Kabab, Persian Saffron Chicken Kebab

Joojeh Kabab is the official food of Iranian parties and gatherings. It is delicious, really easy to prepare, and can be used as munchies, making it the perfect party food. Iranians usually gather around the grill, take pieces of hot chicken, and enjoy each other’s company while preparing the kabab. We will teach you a […]

Abarkuh Ancient Cypress- Termeh Travel

Abarkuh Ancient Cypress, The Eternal Tree

Living more than 5000 years on this planet, Abarkuh ancient cypress tree has so many secrets inside itself. As one of the oldest living creatures on earth, this cypress is not an ordinary one. Imagine living this long, how many secrets have you heard, and how many memories you got? If you travel to historical […]

Laptop Showing a Picture of Isfahan Chahar Bagh - Termeh Travel

E-Tourism: Visit Iran Online

It wasn’t that long ago when you could look at the sky at night and follow the lights of airplanes moving around besides the sparkling stars. The time where people could travel all around the world happily and see amazing places in their own eyes. Now, the world has changed. COVID-19 had a major effect […]

Qoqnoos, one of the Persian Mythological Creature- Termhe Travel

Persian Mythological Creatures and Their Stories

Winter is coming! Let’s play some instrumental music, grab a hot cup of tea and go on an exciting journey to read some mysterious, chilling and definitely wonderful stories of Persian mythological creatures. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre and you’ve read Harry Potter, you definitely know about its magical creatures, like […]

Kabab-Koobideh-Main- Termeh Travel

Kabab Koobideh, The King of Persian Cuisine

Step aside foods, the king has arrived. Kabab koobideh is every Iranian child’s favorite. We all remember helping our fathers with the grill and getting sneaky bites of koobideh wrapped in a bread, soaked with delicious runny fat as a reward. Kabab koobideh is inseparable from Iranian culture. It’s in all Persian weddings, every restaurant’s […]

Baghali Ghatogh in a red pot- Termeh Travel

Baghali Ghatogh, The Signature Dish of The North

Some dishes perfectly resemble their hometown, and Baghali Ghatogh is one of them. The green color and aroma of it take you to the gorgeous North of Iran, where everything is linked to the sea, forests, and agriculture. One of the most famous dishes from the North of Iran, Baghali Ghatogh, is an exotic meal […]

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