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Persian Music bands: Iranian Ensembles Worth Listening to

The members of pallet band sitting in a cafe- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel


Damahi band on stage- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel

Have you ever felt so close to a place that you adore without actually being there physically? That’s what I feel about the south of Iran whenever I listen to one of the best Persian music bands called Damahi. Damahi is the link that takes my soul to the south, its dreamy sea and magical atmosphere. Their music, lyrics, and instruments are perfect for this journey. 

Even the name of their group is related to the south. Damahi comes from a southern myth: A long time ago, a giant fish called Damahi that lived in the Persian Gulf had a utopia inside its body and brought blessing for the people. So, people were always looking for it and hoped to see it to find happiness. 

“Divaneh” or “madman” is the name of their famous song that you can listen to it now

Dang Show

Dang Show on stage- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel

When I was in high school, I used to look for new experiences in everything to find my true self and style. One day that I was checking my Facebook page, a song got played, and that was Dang Show! From that moment, I realized that finally, my taste in music is changing, and I can listen to a different style of music and enjoy it. So, Dang Show reminds me of the time that I thought I was more mature now, and that’s why I love it. 

This Persian music band’s artistic style and poems of famous Persian poets such as Saadi and Molavi (Rumi) are the best part of their group. Halwa is one of their popular songs whose lyrics come from a Saadi poem. 

Their name was also impressive and unique for the 15 years old me, and I still like it. We can simply translate Dang Show to “become mad,” but the name comes from old Persian poems. 


Chaartaar band- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel

Chaartaar is another Persian music band that combined different music styles, such as pop and traditional, to create something Avangard. They came to the Persian music market just when their style was most needed, and their first album called ” You Are the Rain” became a bestseller. 

They write their lyrics and play with words so romantic and beautiful that they can melt your heart. There is no need to say that the vocal is soothing as well. In my opinion, their first album is the best one, which you can listen to here on Spotify. 


Bomrani band standing on the roof top- Termeh Travel

The first time that you listen to Bomrani, you can have two feelings. You either fall in love with it like love at first sight or keep asking yourself what they are singing about. But, when you get used to their music, you can see its uniqueness and beauty. They have brought a modern style in music and found their place in the Persian music market. Although Bomrani is a band, its name is the initials of its singer’s name, “Behzad Omrani.” 

Listening to Bomrani’s songs takes you to crowded cafes in Tehran when you are talking with your friends, listening to a weird yet pleasing song, and drinking your coffee. 

Bomrani has many popular songs, but Khareji is one of the bests, and you can listen to it now

Pallet Band

Pallet Band in Valiasr Street- Tehran- Tereh Travel

I was a teenager when I listened to the first album of Pallet Band. “Aghaye Banafsh or Mr. Purple” is the album that found its place in my heart and playlist. Pallet band has its unique music genre that mixes folk, traditional, classic, and pop music to give you something special. Another shining point of Pallet Band’s music career is working with the “Fish and Cat” movie. 

What they do with their talent is spectacular. Pallet Band combined nostalgic music pieces with modern instruments and gave us something worth listening to.

Rain Again is one of my favorite songs from this Persian music band that combines Kurdish lullabies and traditional Persian songs. 

 Black Cats

Black Cats band- Persian Music Bands- Termeh Travel

As one of the oldest Persian music bands, Black Cats has a long and exciting history. This group may not be anyone’s favorite band nowadays, but you can find many songs produced by them that are nostalgic and well-produced. Putting their music aside, what Black Cats did for Persian music is undeniable. Many famous Iranian singers such as Ebi, Farhad Mehrad, and Shahram Shabpareh worked with Black Cats and sang there. Later on, Kamran Hooman and Sami Beigi started their career with this band and became known and successful. Shahbal Shabpareh, the leader of its band, has a talent for finding young singers and allowing them to get attention from people. 

You can listen to their music on Spotify and see if you like them. 

Let us know what do you think about these Persian music bands in the comments.

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  1. Man Farsi ro kheyli doost daram. I’m learning Farsi by myself and that is why i love listening to Iranian music. I’ve heard a few songs from these bands. After seeing this post I’ll check out more of their work.
    I love iran very much i would love to visit it. Greetings from india

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