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I see the world through books and arts, therefore, I decided to show the beauty of Iran through writings.

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  • nice البته خواستم ببینم چه لیستی میاد ولی مرسی توضیحات خیلی واقع گرایانه و بی طرفی بود

    • خواهش میکنم لطف داری. آپدیت هم میکنیم، پیشنهادی داشتین در خدمتیم

  • Thank you for this text that you wrote about our rappers. Iran has very good rappers, but unfortunately it has not been globalized yet.

  • How come you missed Shahin Najafi’s name?! what a shame
    the only rapper whose almost all of his songs are about dirty politics.

  • Tnx for this list but i cant find amir khalvat, hamid sefat, shahin najafi, poorya putack and other rappers. Pls change the picture of shayea because its not good you can visit shayea.officla in instagram and download best photos.
    And amir tataloo is not rapper because he is singing pop musics.

    • i think it’s mostly because when people talk about Persian rap they mainly mention the early Artist’s of the genre and attention to the new generation is not Common in hiphop community ,
      the genre is getting old (in style not in audience) only and only because of this , because most famous and great artists like amir khalvat , poorya putak and … don’t get included when Persian rap comes up . and it’s way worst for the new generation of hiphop (4th) Artist’s like Lucifer EH , Sn.Parsa and …. i hope this get fixed so we can see improvement to the genre.

  • it was really a good list i am a fan of leito and i am happy that he is in the list i am reading this in 2222 i was aloso expecting putak in it bacause he is famous too but the most unlikly person in the list is justina i heared a couple songs of her and it was like joking with rap she sings garbge!! letrely!! but any way thanks for the info

  • Yas is one of the most overrated and bad rappers of Persian rapper he also has a ghostwriter that writes all of his music

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