The Persian new year 2020

Nowruz and the Haftseen Table- Termeh Travel

When the golden sun rays flow inside the living creatures’ veins to wake them up from a sweet long hibernation, Nowruz begins. The Persian New Year or Nowruz is a combination of two words, “Now” means new and “Ruz” which means day. On the spring equinox, when the length of day and night become exactly …

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Alcohol in Iran, All You Need to Know

Alcohol in Iran- Termeh Travel

History of Alcohol in Iran The ability to consume alcohol may have helped our ancestors to survive. Some scientists believe that the ethanol in fermented fruits and our ancestors’ ability to digest and metabolize the ethanol was a vital factor in the history of human beings. The presence of the ADH4 enzyme, which performs the …

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Persian Halim (Haleem) Wheat and Meat Porridge

Persian Halim with Bread - Termeh Travel

The word Halim comes from the Arabic language meaning shredded meat. Halim is a very popular food in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. There are many varieties of Halim based on different regions. Persian Halim is different from the Halims served in the Arabic countries, and here is what you need …

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Koofteh Tabrizi, The Complex Persian Meatball

koofteh Tabrizi-Termeh Travel

Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most difficult, yet delicious foods of Persian Cuisine. The preparation takes time, the stuffings vary, and you need to practice the professional skill of making huge meatballs. The tomato sauce plays a crucial role in Koofteh Tabrizi and needs sensitive taste buds to perfect. You also need to know …

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Khorsht Bademjan, The Eggplant Stew

Bademjoon Stew - Termeh Travel

It’s easy to say most of the Iranian cuisine is made from rice and stew, and we call it Chelo-Khoresht. So far, we told you about Ghormeh Sabzi and Fesenjan Stew, and now I am here to introduce you to the fantastically delicious Eggplant Stew, AKA Khoresht-Bademjan! Give me a chance to quote one of …

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The Ultimate Guide for Shopping in Iran

Shopping in Iran- Termeh Travel

From the historical bazaars to modern and luxurious shopping malls, Iran is a paradise for shopaholics to enjoy the numerous lively places to explore. Besides visiting tourist attractions, trekking in gorgeous landscapes, and wandering around different cities of this country, shopping in Iran is something that can show you the real side of the country. …

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How Can Pakistanis Apply for an Iran Visa?

Iran Visa for Pakistani Citizens- Termeh Travel

Iran continues to be one of the Middle East’s most visited countries during recent years. The pleasant weather of Iran and the fact that traveling to this country is affordable, make Iran one of the best destinations for a perfect trip. If you are from Pakistan and are planning to be among the millions of …

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Nomads of Iran

A nomadic family in Iran- Termeh Travel

They are the blessed children of mother earth, and the whole ground is their home while they practice detachment from all the belongings. The strongest people that you have ever seen, embrace the burning sunshine of summer and bone freezing days of winter to keep the nomadic culture alive.  Nomads of Iran have proved their …

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Persian Handmade Rugs, The Endless Beauty

Persian Carpet- Termeh Travel

Touching the soft threads and following the intricate patterns with your fingertip, the combination of sumptuous colors drowns you into a sweet and glorious dream. The magnificence of Persian handmade rugs will be etched in your memory to remind you of the elegance and richness of Persian culture.  The Persian carpet exists in every Iranian’s …

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Persian Omelette

Persian Omelette in a Pan - Termeh Travel

Persian Omelette is the White Knight, the savior, and the candle in the darkest night for single parents, college students, and the hungry or lazy individuals who hate cooking. The recipe is simple. Saute tomatoes and mix them with eggs. However, I’m going to show you how to elevate the Persian omelet into a dish …

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