Solo Female Travelers- A female tourist in Yazd- Termeh Travel

Solo Female Travelers, the Ultimate Guide to Travel to Iran

When I was a child, I always adored solo female travelers who are fearless enough to stand against the conventional opinion of their society and explore the world the way they want. Each person has a unique perspective when it comes to looking at the world and to me,  there is nothing as exciting as […]

The first animation on a bowl found in Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran- Termeh Travel

Shahr-e Sukhteh, the Birthplace of Animation

The Phoenix immerses itself in flames and rises from the ashes elegantly. This is the story of Shahr-e Sukhteh or the burnt city that is located in the south-east of Iran. Although, unlike the popular opinion, the city did not literally burn, there is a reason behind its name that makes us picture a phoenix […]

Farsi book and writing in Farsi- Termeh Travel

5 Simple tips to improve writing in Farsi

Farsi language is an ancient treasure developed through time and turned into what we know today. A significant part of this development and existence is the written codes that Iranians use for writing in Farsi. Without writings, it was impossible to be aware of the Persian culture the way we are now. Writing makes the […]

Farsi podcasts and courses- Termeh Travel

Farsi Podcasts and Courses to Learn the Persian Language (2020)

Learning a new language, especially Farsi, is like going on a trip. It is exciting but long and full of ups and downs. On the road, Farsi podcasts and courses are what you need to keep you interested while passing boring landscapes. They can also be that nice cup of coffee you drink when you […]

Farsi learning for kids- Termeh Travel

Farsi Learning for Kids, 7 Tips to Help Your Kid Learn Farsi Perfectly

Farsi is one of the languages that you can immerse yourself inside its magical ocean of literature, culture, and art. Your kid can get familiar with Iran’s rich history and wander around some of the best literary works that have been written. While doing so, they can look for answers to fundamental questions about humanity, […]

Different Languages in Iran- Termeh Travel

Different Languages in Iran, the Magic of Words and Culture

Linguists believe that languages are like colorful lenses from which we see the world. So, when you think about different languages in Iran, you can witness a magnificent rainbow. Each color has its own character, beauty, and wonders. You can learn Farsi, to read the magical poems of Rumi, and Kurdish and Arabic to whisper […]

Persian Stew, Khoresh- Termeh Travel

Everything You Need to Know About Persian Khoreshts

Persian Khoreshts (Khoresh) is the delicacy of Persian cuisine. Having Khoresh or stew next to rice on the table is a match made in heaven. You can see how the gorgeous stew gives its shiny color to the white seeds of Persian rice and makes it more appetizing. Although both rice and Khoresh are delicious […]

Ash Reshteh- Termeh Travel

Ash Reshteh, The Persian Magic

In the cold nights of winter, Ash Reshteh can make your heart warm and fuzzy. However, for Iranians, this delicious Persian noodle soup is more than just a meal. Ash Reshteh is intertwined with the significant points in people’s lives more than any other dish. Ash Reshteh gathers people together and represents the value of […]

Eshkeneh- Termeh Travel

Eshkeneh and Kale Joosh, Two Appetizing Persian Stews

Imagine you are getting home after a long day at work, and you need to make something delicious, nutritious, and gorgeous for your family. My advice is to go with Eshkeneh and Kale Joosh. These two Persian stews are not only tasty but also warm and cozy options for cold winter nights. You just need […]

Persian Ice Cream- Termeh Travel

Persian Ice cream, The Frozen Souvenir from Persia

After wandering around narrow alleys of Yazd and sitting under the Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan during the hot days of summer, having Persian Ice Cream or Bastani Sonnati can soothe your soul and refresh your energy. You can smell the fragrant of saffron and Persian rosewater even before receiving your order. The coldness of the […]

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