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Wanna Be a Persian Cuisine Master? Check Out Essential Persian Cooking Utilities

Persian cooking utilities- Termeh Travel

In Persian cuisine, ingredients are foundations, spices are the essence, and Persian cooking utilities are tools to perfection. You cannot use one without the other if you want to make Persian foods professionally. It is not about cooking 101, in which you need cooking wares to make your work easier; these tools are significant in Persian cuisine. Also, learning about Persian cooking wares is a way to create a golden combination of tools, passion, and ingredients to get a delightful result. 

These Perian cooking utilities are made for Persian kitchens, but they are not limited to Persian cuisine. Now you have the opportunity to learn each and every one of the items to take your cooking experience one level higher and see the difference in the fantastic result you get. 

What Are the Essential Persian Cooking Utilities?

When we talk about Persian cuisine, we usually think of rice, saffron, and tea which are inseparable parts of Iranian culture. However, to get the most out of these items, you have to know which tools you need to use. If you walk into a Persian kitchen, you will see different pots, from small to large, which are used on different occasions. But that’s not all. In this case, details matter, so put on your apron and look at the list of important Persian cooking utilities now. 

Saffron Grinder

Persian cooking utilities- Saffron grinder- Termeh Travel

One of the most delicate and cute Persian cooking utilities is Saffron Grinder. You can look at this tiny tool made from glass or metal and see how saffron stigmas turn into aromatic magical powder. Saffron is a precious spice not only in Iran but also in other places since it is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world. Therefore, if you want to cook a Persian meal with saffron, having this tool allows you to make sure no saffron will be wasted. There are two types of saffron grinders; one is the automatic one and the other looks like a small mortar that lets you feel the texture of saffron stigmas while being ground.

Dizzi Pot

Dizzi Pot- Termeh Travel

If you ask any Iranian about the best food that you can have at their grandparent’s house, one of the answers would be Dizzi for sure. Dizzi is a stew made of meat, chickpea, onions, potatoes that is very popular and loved in Iran. Preparing Dizzi has its special manner, which you need to follow in order to experience an authentic Dizzi. The most important part of making Dizzi is to cook your ingredients in a gorgeous blue or green glazed pot made out of clay. Then you put the pot on the fire to let all the ingredients cook slowly and perfectly. When the time comes, and you take the lid off, you can see and smell the difference in a second! That is how you know the pot has done its magic. 

Goosht Koob

Persian cooking utilities- Goosht Koob- - Termeh Travel

Remember we talked about manners of preparing Dizzi? You should know that there are special manners and methods for eating Dizzi as well, which involves the presence of Goosht Koob. If you are wondering what Goosht Koob is, let’s get straight into it. Goosht Koob is a wooden or metal tool that you can use to smash everything in your Dizzi. So, after putting the juice aside, it’s time to smash the rest with your Goosht Koob, AKA smasher, and get a soft texture that tastes amazing with a little bit of fresh lime juice. It is not just Dizzi. You can use Goosht Koob to smash cooked eggplants for Kashk-o Bademjan as well. All in all, Goosht Koob is a handy tool to have in your kitchen, so think about buying one.


Samavar- Termeh Travel

You can call an interior design Persian when you see a gorgeous Samavar on the niche. It goes without saying that Iranians love black tea. Drinking tea is a routine, so Iranians usually have tea ready during the whole day, and that is when a Samavar comes in handy.

A Samavar or Samavor is a metal made tool to keep the water boiling in its container. According to Britannica, Samavar was made and used in Russia and then got introduced to other countries. During the close relationship between Iran and Russia in the past, Samavar found its place in Iran, especially in Iranians’ hearts. 

Today, when you crave a hot cup of delicious black tea on the cold winter days, you can be assured that there is enough hot water in Samavar, ready for you to make the tea and enjoy. 

Persian Tea Set

Now that we talked about tea, we should mention the significance of Persian tea sets in Iranian houses. Iranian families love guests so they want to serve them the best they can. Therefore, Persian tea sets are essential to have. There are different items in a Persian tea set, and we have already mentioned one, which is Samavar. So, let’s cover other gorgeous items:


Ghoori- Termeh Travel

The teapot is one of the most important Persian cooking utilities. You cannot enter a Persian kitchen and miss a Ghouri (teapot). Iranians use different forms of Ghouri in their kitchen, but the most popular one is china and ceramic teapots decorated with miniature red roses on it. 

Persian Tea Glasses

Persian Tea Glass- Termeh Travel

Iranians are very strict about seeing the color of their brewed tea, so they serve their tea in special glasses. Persian tea glasses are small and similar to Turkish glasses. Some of them come with handles, and some do not, but they all add beauty to serving tea. Also, you have to put your glass in a saucer or, as Iranians call it, Nalbaki. 


Ghandan- Persian Cooking utilities- Termeh Travel

You cannot serve Persian tea without putting sugar cubes next to it. That is just a rule that everyone follows, even if they do not like the cubes. So, Ghandan is used to place the sugar cube beautifully inside itself. This Persian Cooking ware is made of ceramic, metal, wood or glass and looks super lovely next to your tea glasses. 

If you want to learn more about Persian Tea, you should check the Persian Tea blog post out! 

Rice Cooking Package 

As we mentioned before, rice plays a significant role in Persian Cuisine. You can eat rice with almost every Persian meal from Kebab to different Khoresht and enjoy it. So, it is important to know what Persian cooking utilities you can use to make perfect rice and Perfect Tahdig. 

Rice Cooker

Rice cooker- Persian cooking ware- Termeh Travel

As we mentioned before, rice is an inseparable part of Persian cuisine and making delicious rice is not really easy. So, it is time to introduce you to one of the lifesaver Persian Cooking Utilities that makes cooking easier for you. You just need to put water, rice, oil, salt and if you want to spoil yourself and your guests some saffron powder in the rice cooker and put the lid on. Then by turning on the rice cooker, you need to wait for less than 30 minutes to see the magic and enjoy your automatic Persian rice ready to be served. 


Persian cooking utilities- Pots- Termeh Travel

If you are looking for a perfect Persian Tahdig, you will definitely need a good pot and a good Damkoni. Tahdig is one of the most important parts of Persian people’s lives which is not just a food, but a culture! So, if you want to impress your Iranian friends, you should know how to make perfect Tahdig. Having a pot with teflon coating will give you a nice, crispy, and beautiful Tahdig which is lovely. 


Damkoni- Termeh Travel

The story of Tahdig does not end here; to make your rice and Tahdig look amazing, you need another item from Persian cooking wares, which is called Damkoni or Damgir. Damkoni or as other people may call it “Damkesh” or “Dami” is a fabric that covers the pot’s lid and adjusts the rice steam. Then, you will have delicious, soft and good looking rice to serve!

Heat Diffuser

Heat diffuser- Persian cooking utilities- Termeh Travel

Another item to give you a gorgeous golden Tahdig is the heat diffuser or Shole Pakhsh Kon. By looking at this item, you will get confused about its functionality, but using it will show you its value. After putting your rice in the pot, you turn on the heat and put the diffuser on fire, so the heat will cover the bottom of your pot evenly and you will be surprised by the result. 

Persian Grill 

Persian grill- Termeh Travel

What is Iranians’ food choice for holidays? Of course, Kebab! Iranians love grilling, and they have their own Persian cooking utilities when it comes to kebab. First of all, you need to have skewers which are metal made items to put your meat, chicken or other ingredients on them and make them ready to be grilled. Then, you need to have a Persian grill which you fill with charcoal and fire it up. You just need to put the skewers on the fire and use a hand fan to make the fire burn nicely and cook your kebab. 
Now that you know all about Persian cooking utilities, you should check out our Persian food and recipe section to find the new recipes and enjoy cooking Persian meals.

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