Persian Miniature- Termeh Travel

Persian Miniature

The brush dances on the blank page, the colors permeate through the page’s texture and combine with the artist’s verve to create a masterpiece called Persian Miniature. Getting inspired by nature, using vivid natural colors, and practicing Persian art allows Persian philosophy, aesthetics, and culture to find their places in Persian Miniature and display the […]

travel to Iran with children- Termeh Travel

Is It a Good Idea to Travel to Iran with Children?

Children are the brightness of life. They can give us hope and reasons for happiness. No matter how sad you are, the smile of your child can make all the bad feelings disappear. They see positivity in everything, and their curious minds look for new experiences. That is why imagining a life without them is […]

Driving in Iran- Termeh Travel

All You Need to Know about Driving in Iran

There are many ways to travel to another country, and each of these ways comes with unique features. Traveling with public transportations is the safer way for you if you are going to Iran for the first time, but if you are an adventure seeker, nothing can satisfy you more than traveling in your car.  […]

Persian Garden- Termeh Travel

Persian Gardens

Sun rays dance on the trees like chains of sparkles when the butterflies enter the Persian Garden’s gate early in the morning to play with newborn blossoms. The pleasant cool breeze brings the aroma of flowers to you, and the water drops of the fountains pat your face. The crystal water flows inside the stream […]

Termeh - Termeh Travel

Termeh, The Persian Silk Delicacy

Silk is one of the best examples of transition in evolution. One day the caterpillar stops its ordinary instinctive desire to feast on the leaves, hangs upside down from a twig, and magically forms a cocoon. The butterfly flies into its new way of life in the sky and leaves us a precious material called […]

Koresht Geymeh-persian foods- termeh Travel

Khoresht Gheymeh

Well hello there, once again, I am here to introduce you to a new Khoresht, Khoresht Gheymeh. This delicious Iranian stew is made with yellow split peas, meat, fried onion, tomato paste, and dried lime powder, and of course, every Khoresht comes with a plate of rice.  If you search for the word “Gheymeh” in […]

Mongol Rally- Termeh Travel

Mongol Rally in Iran, Everything You need to know

Motoring Stupidity on a Global Scale, a Guaranteed (But Super-Fun) Disaster, the Unexpected, and the Greatest Adventure on Earth, none of these phrases can describe Mongol Rally the way it deserves. The Mongol Rally is an annual cross-continent race held by a group named ‘The Adventurists.’  The rules are simple, crappy automobiles and free route, […]

Nowruz and the Haftseen Table- Termeh Travel

The Persian new year 2022

When the golden sun rays flow inside the living creatures’ veins to wake them up from a sweet long hibernation, Nowruz begins. The Persian New Year or Nowruz is a combination of two words, “Now” means new and “Ruz” which means day. On the spring equinox, when the length of day and night become exactly […]

Alcohol in Iran- Termeh Travel

Alcohol in Iran, All You Need to Know

History of Alcohol in Iran The ability to consume alcohol may have helped our ancestors to survive. Some scientists believe that the ethanol in fermented fruits and our ancestors’ ability to digest and metabolize the ethanol was a vital factor in the history of human beings. The presence of the ADH4 enzyme, which performs the […]

Persian Halim with Bread - Termeh Travel

Persian Halim (Haleem) Wheat and Meat Porridge

Introduction to Halim The term “Halim” originates from the Arabic language, meaning shredded meat. This popular dish, part of Persian cuisine, is enjoyed across the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Though there are many regional variations, Persian Halim differs from those served in Arabic countries. Historical Origins About a thousand years ago, […]

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