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Persian Flowers

Persian Flower- Termeh Travel

Imagine entering a magical garden, when the first thing that catches your attention is the harmony of colors and the amazing fragrances of different flowers that can make you feel better. The blessed land of Iran is the utter resemblance of a majestic Persian Garden adorned with vibrant Persian flowers. The varied climate of this exceptional country and the fertile soil of its domain allows many different flowers to grow in every corner of it. During the spring, when flowers start blooming, colorful butterflies fly around the fields like little fairies and spread the fascinating aroma of the flowers.

By focusing on Iran flower culture, we can understand the value and significance of Persian flowers for people of Iran and this country. 

Iran Flower Culture

Persian flower culture- Termeh Travel

If we take a look at Iranian culture, we can find why flowers are so important to the people of Iran. By thinking about the history of Persia, we see that In Zoroastrianism, which was originated in Iran, nature and its elements were sacred. Even today, Zoroastrians use Barsam that is a holy plant In their prayers. Barsam was first offered to Ahura Mazda(the God) by Soroush, who is an Amshaspand to show great gratitude to nature. In Zoroastrianism, God created seven Amshaspand to represent the seven aspects of his existence. The names of months in the Persian calendar is based on these Amshaspands and some other Zoroastrian divinities. We can somehow compare them to Angels in Christianity, and Soroush is responsible for the earth as well as all the elements on it and makes the world organized. 

Besides Soroush, who has a vital role in Iran flower culture, Ahura Mazda and other Amshaspands have a flower attributed to them. 

Persian Flower- White Jasmine- Termeh Travel
  • The flower dedicated to the protector of animals is white Jasmine
  • The Amshaspand of truth is shown by Marjoram flower
  • Melissa flower is given to the Amshaspand of munificence.
  • In Zoroastrian books, the divinities of Perfection and immortality are always mentioned together, and their flowers are Iris and Lily
  • Finally, Ahura Mazda is shown by Myrtle

The Importance of Flowers in Iranians’ lives 

Persian flower- Termeh Travel

One of the oldest signs of using flowers can be seen on stone carvings of Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis. Therefore, throughout history, Persians have used many different flowers in their special ceremonies to show their love, respect, and friendship, due to the effect of Zoroastrian culture and the Iranians’ aesthetic spirits on their lives.

Flowers also play an important role at weddings in Iran. 

Decorating car with flowers in Iran- Termeh Travel

Everything starts with the traditional gift of flowers as the symbol of love to the loved one. Like many cultures in the world, Iranians enjoy giving flowers to the person they love the most. In the Persian proposal, the groom must have a flower bouquet and a box of sweets and go to the bride’s house to ask for her hand. 

During the Persian weddings, the bride has a bouquet of flowers, and the salon is decorated with flowers as well.

 Also, Iranians design the bride and groom’s car with flowers to make it different from other cars. People in the street show their happiness to the bride and groom and wish them a happy life when they see their car. 

In funerals, Iranians show their respect and condolence to the family of the deceased by bringing a wreath. The most common flower in funeral ceremonies is gladiola. 

َAlso, when someone is in the hospital, the relatives bring a flower pot or flower basket to wish them good health. 

What Are the Most Famous Flower shops in Iran?

Persian flowershops- Termeh Travel

Pouzhan Flower shop located in Andarzgoo Boulevard in Tehran is one of the most popular flower shops in the capital city of Iran. Although the range of prices in this flower shop is high, people choose it for their special ceremonies. 

In Isfahan, Gol-e Sang flower shop located in Hezar Jerib Avenue can be a nice option that allows you to choose the flower you like among many different kinds, especially Persian flowers. 

Laleh Flower shop in Pasdaran Boulevard, located in Shiraz, is the best option to find many different flowers in a nice atmosphere. You can buy the famous Shiraz Narcissus flower, there as well. 

Lotus in Persian Culture

Lotus-Persian flower- Termeh Travel

By looking at the remains of the Persepolis, we can see the patterns of important flowers on them. One of the essential and meaningful flowers in Iran is Lotus. 

Lotus or Niloofar-e Abi is not only a beautiful flower for Iranians; the people of Iran consider this amazing flower as the symbol of spiritual growth. Lotus exists and shows its enchanting blossom in swamps while looking at the sun to make an amazing contrast. This gorgeous flower shows how a human being can find redemption, even in the worst situations. 

In ancient stories, the divinity of birth and water, Anahita was born from a lotus blossom, so this flower is dedicated to Anahita. 

Zoroastrians also believe that lotus is sacred because something incredible can happen in a bad situation, so a poor background cannot justify bad behavior. 

Although lotus is significant and sacred in ancient Persia, what is the national flower of Iran?

What is the National Flower of Iran?

The national flower of Iran- Termeh Travel

The most popular flower in the world and the resemblance of passion, red rose, is the national flower of Iran. Rose or Gol-e Sorkh is used in Persian literature and poetry to simile the beauty of the loved one. The delicacy and vivid color of its velvet pedals can captivate your heart, no wonder why this flower is the symbol of love. 

Another kind of rose that grows in Iran and its enchanting fragrance makes you relax, and happy is called Damask Rose or Rosa. This pink flower is used to make perfumes with oriental aroma and rose water, which can be added to water and make a delicious drink and reduce stress. 

In Persian cuisine, rosewater is used in different foods, especially in making desserts, such as Shol-e Zard, which is a Persian pudding made of rice, saffron, rosewater, sugar, oil, and slivered almond. After soaking and cooking the rice until it is soft, you should add rosewater, sugar, oil, and saffron to it and stir it. Then you can design it with slivered almonds and cinnamon powder. 

Extracting the essence of rosa and making rose water happens during spring when the flowers are bloomed. The rose water of Qamsar, which is a city located in Kashan, is the most popular one in Iran. 

What Are other Important Persian Flowers?


Tulip flowers in Iran- Termeh Travel

Besides, roses, another Persian flower that is the national flower of Iran and is intertwined with Iranian culture, is Tulip or as Persians call it, Laleh, which means red. 

This spring-blooming flower does not need to be planted. Every spring, the tulips start growing and blooming to show its flaming pedals to the people. 

Tulip can be found in Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges and is the symbol of the sacred blood of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country. Tulip also shows the suffering for love and is used in Persian Poetry to describe how a lover suffered and failed to have his loved one. 

Poppy Flower

Poppy flowers in Iran- Termeh Travel

By talking about Tulip, mentioning poppy flower, which is also the symbol of martyrs’ blood, is inevitable. This red flower can be found during spring in green fields to design nature with its shiny red color. The black core, which looks like a black heart inside a poppy flower symbolizes great sadness. Because of its color, Iranian poets used this flower to describe a broken heart. 


Persian Gulnar- Termeh Travel

Gulnar or pomegranate flower is a beautiful and delicate flower with red and cinnabar color petals that grow in Persia. This flower is mentioned in Persian literature to describe the beauty and delicacy of loved ones. Gulnar is not only used for its beauty but also as a treatment for diseases because of its medical values. It can be used to heal wounds, and its tea can help with heavy menstrual bleeding. This flower is full of Antioxidants, so it is used for beauty purposes as well. 

Flowers in Persian Poetry

Persian poetry and flowers- Termeh Travel

Great Iranian poets such as Hafez and Saadi, used the name of flowers to describe different aspects of the loved one in their poems. Besides what that has been mentioned, Persian poets assimilate the beauty and delicacy of who they love to flower petals. 

The poets also compare the gorgeous eyes of the loved ones to the narcissus flower and the mouth of them to flower blossoms. 

However, when the poets wanted to show that the length of their love is short, they compared it to flowers as well because flowers wither soon. 

Iranians use flowers to show their feelings and culture. The meaning behind each flower can express people’s emotions, even if it is not speakable. No matter what the occasion, the variety of flowers in this country allows, Iranians to show their real feelings. 

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