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5 Simple tips to improve writing in Farsi

Farsi book and writing in Farsi- Termeh Travel

Farsi language is an ancient treasure developed through time and turned into what we know today. A significant part of this development and existence is the written codes that Iranians use for writing in Farsi. Without writings, it was impossible to be aware of the Persian culture the way we are now. Writing makes the language last, which means that by reading the old inscriptions from thousands of years ago, you understand how people looked like and behaved. 

Al-Jahiz, a great author of literature, presents the value of writing by saying that “Writing is the language of hands and the guardian of thoughts.” The stories may get forgotten by the passage of time. Therefore, by writing them down using the writing codes, we can transfer them to the next generation and keep the language alive. 

The importance of writing in Farsi is not only limited to the Iranians. If you are learning Farsi, you need to learn writing in this beautiful language as well for several reasons. 

Why Do You Need to Learn Writing in Farsi?

When You Can Write, You Can Read

Reading Persian books to be able to write in Farsi- Termeh Travel

Persian literature is one of the richest and most delicate types of literature in the world. If you are interested in Iranian art, philosophy, poetry, and magnificent stories, you need to know how to read in Farsi. By learning to read and write in the Persian language, you can enjoy the original works and feel the authors’ emotions, thoughts, and feelings first hand. 

Moreover, Iranians are truly friendly and warm, so if you are planning to travel to Iran, you can make friends before your arrival and keep your friendship with these nice people after your trip. Doing so, it is recommended to learn writing in Farsi to be able to communicate with Persian people. 

You Can Express Your Thoughts Clearly

Writing in Farsi helps you express your thoughts clearly- Termeh Travel

Each language comes with its own lexicon and grammar. Farsi language is one of the most useful languages for friendship and love. So, by learning writing in Farsi, you can broaden your horizon and express your thoughts in more detail. Besides, writing in the language that you are learning, makes you have more time thinking about what you are trying to express. Therefore, the delivery of your message increases. 

You Need Writing for Academic Purposes

Learning writing in Farsi for academic purposes- Termeh Travel

If you want to learn Farsi as your major in university or you are planning to study Persian literature, you have to learn how to write in Farsi. Knowing writing in Farsi, you can communicate with your classmates and professors perfectly. Also, you can have access to many Farsi essays and papers available on the internet to educate yourself more. 

Writing Is a Great Way of Practice

Practicing Farsi- Termeh Travel

If you do not have any practice buddies, by writing in Farsi you can have self-practice. When you see the language that you have produced on a piece of paper or a mobile phone’s screen, you can see your mistakes more clearly and observe your progress better. Also, knowing how to write in Farsi can make you develop your grammar and vocabulary skills and get better every day. 

Are Farsi and Arabic Writings the Same?

Farsi artwork- Termeh Travel

Farsi language comes from the Indo-European family, which makes it the cousin of Sanskrit and Latin. On the other hand, we have the Arabic language, which comes from another family called Afro-Asiatic. However, these two totally different languages find a similarity when it comes to writings. Although the language of Iran is almost the same as it was many years ago, by the arrival of Islam to Iran, the Arabic alphabet was used in Persia. But, since Arabs do not have some letters that exist in Farsi such as “g or گ”, “ʒ or ژ”, “ʧ or چ” and “P or پ”, Iranians added these letters to the alphabet. That is why if you see a work of literature in Farsi you may get confused and mistake it with an Arabic one. 

What Are Some Tips for Writing in Farsi?

Now that you have a good grasp of the Persian language, writing in Farsi, and the difference between Arabic and Farsi, we are going to offer some tips to help you start learning how to write in Farsi and how to improve your ability to write in this language. 

1. Use Pictures for Learning the Alphabet

Using pictures is teaching writing in Farsi- Termeh Travel

We talked about the Farsi alphabet in The Beginner’s Guide to Speak Farsi blog post. So, you can check it out and learn the Persian alphabet completely. However, for the sake of practice and tricking your mind into remembering them better, you can be a little more creative and find a shape for each letter. This way, you will be able to memorize the letter faster and better since your mind has two sources of information: pictures and words. 

2. Use Social Media to Write in Farsi

Using social media for writing in Farsi- Termeh Travel

Social media is the best platform to practice Farsi. Iranians love to read about your daily life and experiences on different platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The people of Iran are open to new ideas and lifestyles. So you can share your culture and thoughts with different people and find many Iranian friends. Writing on social media can be a great method of practicing, as well. When you write and rewrite, you get better in writing in Farsi and you can ask your audience to correct your mistakes as well to improve faster. 

3. Don’t be Afraid or Disappointed

A girl biting her pencil out of stress while writing- Termeh Travel

Writing is one of the most difficult skills that you acquire in the process of learning a language. You have definitely seen some languages like French that have their unique rules for writing and you do not necessarily write the same thing that you are pronouncing. 

Although writing in Farsi is much easier than French, you still need to be patient and practice a lot. The learning process of writing in the Persian language would be time-consuming, so you cannot get disappointed. Your progress might be slow at certain levels of learning, but you can master the skill eventually. 

Another thing to consider while learning the ability to write in Farsi is the fact that you will make lots of mistakes during the process. But, after each mistake there is a learning opportunity, so do not be afraid of being incorrect and continue your learning process. 

4. Read Lots of Persian Books

Reading Farsi books- Termeh Travel

Reading and writing are deeply intertwined, so by reading a lot of Persian books, poems, or articles you expose yourself to the language. This way, you get introduced to different styles of writing as well. Also, what can be more interesting than reading an amazing story and learning a language simultaneously? So, by having the learning attitude and reading different books, you get better in grammar as well as vocabulary, and you can write more precisely. 

5. Imitate Your Favorite Writer 

Writing in Farsi- Termeh Travel

One of the best ways of practicing writing and getting fluent in it is to imitate famous authors. In the case of writing in Farsi, you can choose the author that you find most amusing and continue one of her/his works with your own idea by copying their style. This activity is fun and practical, which enhances your learning process. 
After reading these tips, you need to know that you should let yourself experience writing in Farsi and enjoy it. You can also teach your kids the Persian writing when they are literate enough, and for more practice, you can listen to different podcasts and write the main idea of the podcast or what you have found interesting down. You can also check Termeh Travel’s pages on social media and comment on the posts in Farsi to test your writing ability.

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