Dress Code in Iran, Dos and Don’ts

Just like the culture, the fashion and dress code in Iran varies. Depending on where you visit, which season it is and what kind of weather you are in, you should wear accordingly. From the full hijab to seasonal items of clothing, here is all you need to know. Iranian Traditional Fashion For understanding the …

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7 Reasons to Join Free Tours in Iran

Group of tourists checking out the Shah Mosque in Isfahan

Free Tours in Iran 1. It’s Free! As the name yells out the most important thing about Free Walking Tours is that they are free! Although Iran is a cheap country, you don’t have to throw your hard-earned money down the drain right? Since the concept of a free tour is tip-based, you can pay …

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Iran Weather, Where Diversity Begins

Shadow of Milad Tower over Tehran with beautiful clouds

Like its people, Iran has one of the most diverse climates in the world, because of its placement over the equator and the different types of terrain across the country. There are only 13 different climates in the world, and Iran has 11 of them. Let’s pick a point on the map and work ourselves …

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