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Top 9 Hotels and Hostels in Yazd

Yazd's Hotel- Termeh Travel

Walking through narrow alleys with earthen buildings, you can stretch your arms, smell the clay, and feel old adobes under your hands. The ancient city of Yazd has raised from the heart of deserts and shines on the side of Dasht e Kavir and Dasht e Lut. The city of windcatchers, Persian architecture, and the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, welcomes guests from all around the world. Whether you are interested in visiting fascinating buildings or experiencing walking on glittering sands of the desert, you will first need to find your ideal accommodation among the best traditional hotels and hostels in Yazd. 

Top 9 Hotels and Hostels in Yazd

Dad Hotel of Yazd

Dad Hotel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

Inside the heart of old town Yazd, in Farvardin 10th street, you can walk through a wooden door with colorful glasses and see yourself inside a glamorous castle. A staircase made of mud and decorated with flowers links the traditional and modern restaurants in the basement, to the first and second floor, in which many features of Yazd architecture are represented. The mud-bricked walls surround wooden doors and rhombus-shaped windows to let the light shine through them and make the place bright. There are several traditional designed pools next to little gardens all around the building, which make a pleasant atmosphere for having an evening meal. You should try Yazd’s special sweets as well. Persian styled Baklava, candy floss or Pashmak, and Ghotab (Qotaab) which is a round-shaped cookie containing little pieces of pistachios and cardamom powder covered with sugar powder, are great options when you are craving for some sweets.   

The perfect location of Dad Hotel makes it easy to visit most of the tourist attractions such as Amir Chakhmaq Square and Yazd’s Fire Temple by walking. Also, by standing on its gorgeous rooftop, you get to see a fantastic view of Yazd, which will mesmerize you. 

High-quality services and facilities of the hotel and the welcoming attendants make you enjoy your time at Dad Hotel.

Yazd’s Silk Road Hotel 

Yazd’s Silk Road- Termeh Travel

Walking through mud-brick walls of narrow alleys, you can find the Silk Road Hotel inside the gorgeous old town Yazd. Entering the Hashti, which is the entrance doorway in Persian architecture, there is a courtyard full of pomegranate trees, flowers, and a blue circle-shape pool in the middle. The pool or Howz, as Iranians call it, is surrounded by traditional wooden seating areas furnished with colorful carpets from Yazd, which is called Kelim or Kilim and fantastic silk tapestries called Termeh. Different corners of the yard are decorated with Yazd old clay pitchers and ancient water supplies. The minimal and traditional decoration of each room represents Yazd’s culture. Mud-brick walls and blue tiles inside the building keep the temperature pleasant as well. You cannot leave Yazd without trying its traditional food; therefore, the traditional restaurant of the hotel serves various Persian and Yazdi meals such as Shouli or Shuli, which is a thick vegetable soup made of little pieces of dough, Persian spices and white beet. 

Fazeli Hotel of Yazd

Fazeli Hotel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

Being inspired by the architectural design of the Safavi and Qajar dynasties, Fazeli Hotel was built in 2016 to show the hospitality of Yazd’s people. The design of the building is marvelous. The yard floor is made of fine marbles to look like a Persian carpet. A blue pool and fountains in the middle of it surrounded by chairs and tables create a relaxing area to dine and hang out with people. The combination of carved blue and clay-color used in the columns and the walls along with traditional colorful windows can be a majestic background for photography. 

Fazeli Hotel is famous for its restaurants, as well. The traditional restaurant of the hotel has a spectacular design of classical Persian plaster Wall paintings to show captivating pictures of flowers. The blue tiles and the geometrically carved ceiling also add to this beauty. 

The most fantastic part of the hotel is its lovely coffee shop on the rooftop. The first eye-catching feature of the cafe is the dance of colorful umbrellas hanging over your head and the perfect view of blue minarets of The Jameh Mosque.

Laleh Hotel of Yazd 

Laleh Hotel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

Inside the old part of Yazd, near Jameh Mosque, Yazd’s fire temple, and Alexander’s Prison, you can savor mind-blowing Persian architecture and have a pleasant experience in The Laleh Hotel of Yazd. Since water was always an essential element in  Yazdis’ lives due to this city’s hot weather; they combined this feature with Persian art and architecture to create magnificent fountains and pools in the interior and exterior part of the hotel. Like any other traditional Persian house, rooms are arranged around the yard and designed with blue, white, and wooden colors to create a peaceful ambiance. You can always have free Persian black tea from a samovar in the sitting area of the yard and enjoy the pleasant aroma of it. 

Orient Hotel of Yazd or The Sharq Traditional Hotel

Orient Hotel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

While entering the building, there is a lovely yard full of pomegranate, vine, and fig trees surrounded by traditional rooms and seating areas to create a peaceful place for spending a fantastic evening by gathering around and meeting new people. Colorful windows let the light shine inside rooms and form a rainbow during the daytime, and the dancing light of lanterns on the surface of the blue pool at night creates a gorgeous atmosphere. 

The Marcopolo Restaurant inside the hotel would be a perfect dining option. The glass walls and the skylight of the restaurant let you have a magical view of the city and its beautiful Jameh Mosque. You can also have the option to dine on the terrace and smell the fresh air as well. 

Moshir Garden Hotel of Yazd

Moshir Garden Hotel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

Staying in a garden hotel in the middle of this desert city can make you fall in love with Yazd even more. The beauty of the grand mud-brick entrance designed with traditional blue tiles and a wooden door with colorful glasses can promise a spectacular experience in the Moshir-al Mamalek Garden Hotel of Yazd. 

Looking at the gorgeous pool in the middle of the garden, you get to see the reflection of the windcatcher inside the water. 

The interior design of the building has its own story. One of the most mesmerizing parts of the hotel is the ceiling, which is in the form of domes oriented by stalactite vaulting, create a great combination with blue and yellow tiles of the mud-bricked walls. 

The traditional design of the rooms creates a relaxing atmosphere for guests. Each bed is decorated with colorful Persian fabric, Termeh, to represent Yazd’s cultural artistry. 

Being located in Enghelab Square of Yazd, accessing Khan complex, Yazd’s Fire Temple, and other fascinating tourist attractions will not be difficult at all.

Rest up Hostel of Yazd

Rest up Hostel of Yazd- Top 9 Hotels and Hostels in Yazd

The combination of art, color, and tradition make Rest Up Hostel in Yazd the only one of its kind. The resting area, which is furnished with Yazd’s carpet pillows and Kilims on the floor, creates a lovely ambiance for every traveler to feel at home. Sitting there, you have a great view of the gorgeous yard and the rectangular blue pool in the middle of it. There is a pitcher in the center of the Howz, which is used as a fountain. By being inside most of the rooms, you get to see the yard from wooden windows. 

An essential element of traditional Persian houses is the multiple niches in a room, which can be seen in this place as well. Inside, each niche is decorated with Termeh and flowers. 

Besides the undeniable beauty of this place, Rest Up Hostel offers amazing services such as free traditional breakfast, babysitting, and family activities as well.  

Yazd’s Friendly Hostel

Yazd’s Friendly Hostel

Inside narrow roofed alleys in Jameh Mosque Street of Yazd, The Friendly Hostel is ready to show the best hospitality of this city to travelers. This traditional renovated house, with a captivating tiny yard and a star-shaped blue pool in the middle, is a perfect place for travelers and backpackers who are keen to visit Yazd with a low budget. Various trees and flowers around the pool make an enjoyable area for dining and hanging out with new people. The welcoming staff and lovely atmosphere of this place will make you feel at home; no wonder it is called friendly. The delicious free breakfast, along with alluring Persian black tea, can enchant you. 

To have a delightful experience of seeing the perfect view of Yazd heritage houses, you can go to the rooftop and spend some time there. 

From the flooring to the designs of walls, each room is decorated with Persian art and handicrafts. Although the rooms are small, they are spotless and bright because of several big windows with colorful glasses to help you have a great time there. 

Good Feeling Hostel of Yazd

Good Feeling Hostel of Yazd- Termeh Travel

The cozy place, friendly staff, and gorgeous Persian traditional design, create a perfect package for everyone to have the best time of their lives resting in Good Feeling Hostel of Yazd. 

The adorable yard with a tiny garden in the middle of it and a large wooden table can be used for gathering around during the pleasant weather of spring and enjoying delicious free breakfast prepared by the staff. 

Staying in this hostel, you can decide to book a private room or a bed inside the dormitory to get to know new people from all around the world. 

You can also make the most of your time and play board games in the game room of the hostel as well. 

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