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15 Best Hotels and Hostels in Isfahan

Qasr Monshi in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Isfahan can be on the list of every traveler must-visit places for sure. The outstanding tile works of mosques in the city along with gorgeous Zayandeh rood and the historical bridges make Isfahan shine like a sapphire in the heart of Iran; no wonders why people call it “Nesf-e Jahan” or the half of the world. In this article, you can find The Best Hotels and Hostels in Isfahan.

Walking around Zayandeh rood and visiting the masterpiece historical building of Isfahan, you can get a sense of beauty and rich culture of this country, which you will have for the rest of your life. 

Finding your ideal accommodation in Isfahan can guarantee your comfort during your journey. These hotels and hostels are not only a perfect place for resting but also can be attractions themselves.  

Best Hotels and Hostels in Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel of Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Stepping into the entrance of the 5-star Abbasi hotel in Amadegah street, you will travel through time and see yourself inside a gorgeous Persian garden full of trees, pools, and fountains. The dining area in the courtyard, which is furnished with colorful Persian carpets, doubles the beauty of the place. You can smell the fresh air and enjoy hanging out with other people. 

This place is probably the oldest hotel in Iran. It was built about 400 years ago at the Safavid dynasty and renovated in the 1950s to welcome guests. 

As one of the most beautiful hotels in the middle east, the breathtaking layers of color and splendor design of the building make Abbasi hotel look like a palace. The colored tiles of the walls, along with the Persian plaster design of the ceiling and the miniature painted flooring of the hotel’s restaurant, create a traditional ambiance for visitors to enjoy dining there. You have the option to choose between the variety of traditional and modern foods as well. 

The perfect location of the hotel makes it easy to access Isfahan attraction sites such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Sio Se Pol or Thirty-three Bridge. 

Kowsar Hotel in Isfahan

Kowsar Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Located in Mellat Blvd or HotelPol area, the 5-star luxurious Kowsar hotel can be a great choice of accommodation. The hotel has a recently built building which is decorated traditionally called Firoozeh. Unfortunately, the rooms in this section do not have the Si-o-Se Pol view, but they have higher quality. However, You are free to choose your ideal room in each section of the hotel that you want. 

The marble floor of the hotel reflects the light of the shining ceiling and makes the area look radiant. 

Entering the master rooms, the wooden arches of the rooms, combined with the traditional texture of the bedsheets and curtains, represent Iranian art and culture. 

 You can also look through the window and see Si-o-Se Pol Bridge and Zayandeh rood as well.

To have a delightful dining experience, you can choose the hotel’s restaurants and enjoy the variety of international and traditional food. 

You can sit in the alluring garden of the hotel and listen to live music while eating your food. Also, you are welcomed to dine in a wooden cabin surrounded by colorful glass windows and traditional patterns during cold seasons of the year. 

Safir Hotel of Isfahan

Safir Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Right in front of the traditional Abbasi Hotel, there is a 4-star modern hotel to give you a sense of modernity in Isfahan as well. The lighting of the lobby, along with classical furniture, creates a luxurious atmosphere. To reach other floors, you can walk up the white stairs made of marble and decorated with gold located in the lobby and find your room. Although there is an elevator colored in gold and red available for you. 

Entering your room, you see the combination of calming colors of the area and the grand windows which let sunlight inside that can take your stress away. 

After spending time in the gorgeous city of Isfahan, you can relax in their unique Persian bath as well.

Because of the great location of the Safir Hotel, you have the option to walk to Si-o-Se pol, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Qeysarie Gate, and Bazaar and other amazing historical attractions of Isfahan. 

Setareh Hotel in Isfahan

Setareh Hotelin Isfahan- Termeh Travel

If you are planning to have a budget trip, Setareh Hotel is a great option. 

In the old part of Isfahan, close to Naqsh-e Jahan Square, you can find this 3-star hotel. The entrance of the hotel is designed with Khatam Kari, which is a technique of inlaying in Persian art. Inside the building, you will meet the friendly staff at the reception, and you can hang out in the elegant lobby. 

The ceiling of the hall is designed with small mirrors and can reflect the light of the classic chandelier to create a glamour ambiance. 

If you want to try Persian and specially Isfahani foods, you can dine in the traditional restaurants in the hotel. A fantastic feature of Setareh Hotel is the Baam restaurant on the roof that can be a perfect place to enjoy eating your food and looking at the mesmerizing view of the Shah mosque, but it’s only open during summers. 

Aseman Hotel

Aseman Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

For having easy access to Isfahan attractions, the 4-star Aseman Hotel, located in front of the Felezi Bridge, is a great choice. The first thing that catches your eye is the golden decoration of the lobby. 

There are impressive pictures of Isfahan’s attractions under the reception desk to give you a sense of what you are going to explore. Also, you can see the miniature paintings on the walls and get familiar with Persian art more.  

Since the hotel has 13 floors, you get a great view of the gorgeous city. You can also dine in the hotel’s glass revolving restaurant on the top floor and look at the dancing lights of the city below your feet. Although you might find similar hotels with better services at a lower price range.

Khajoo Hotel

Khajoo Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Staying in front of the hotel’s building and looking at it, you can see traditional Persian windows and patterns. This 4-star hotel is where tradition and modernity meet. Inside the lobby, there is a fantastic combination of blue, gold, and marble white, which form a flower. The matching pattern of the ceiling and floor is really captivating. 

The spectacular design of the hotel’s traditional restaurant tempts you to dine and the blue and gold mixture of colors makes the palace look majestic. Vintage chandeliers which are hanging from the ceiling brighten the area and the huge windows let you enjoy the natural light as well. 

The white, blue, and gold theme is noticeable in the rooms’ decoration as well. 

Being located in Shohadaye Khajoo Street, you get to visit Isfahan’s attractions easily as well. 

Keryas Hotel

Keryas Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

To have a room in a traditional Persian atmosphere, you need to book a room in Keryas Hotel. 

Like all traditional houses in Iran, this place also has a blue pool in the middle of its courtyard, which is surrounded by many individual rooms with wooden doors, and windows. However, the things that make this place unique are the details. You know how important details are!

The outdoor wooden chairs and tables are under big umbrellas to let you enjoy the atmosphere of the yard and chill there for hours without worrying about getting burned by the sun. 

You can see these gorgeous details in the bedrooms as well. Each room has its own individual decoration, which matches the main theme as well. You can find vintage radio or traditional carpet in the rooms and enjoy looking at the green flowers floating in special jars on the tables that make you feel happier.  

Being located in Ostandari Street, you can walk to Shah Mosque and visit the Naqsh-e Jahan Square easily. 

Piroozy Hotel of Isfahan

Piroozy Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Looking at the hotel from outside, you may only see a huge gray building in the Imam Hossein Square, however, the moment you enter the lobby, the atmosphere will enthrall you. 

The wooden decoration of the reception gives a classic look to the place, and the friendly staff of the hotel make sure that you enjoy staying there. 

The rooms are spotless and well decorated with a combination of cream and brown colors to let you have a comfortable sleep. 

If you want to enjoy some good food, you can use the restaurant on the terrace, which is furnished with white chairs and tables and designed with stone walls and straws.  

The location of this 4-star hotel can ease the access to Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Shah Mosque, and the Isfahan’s bridges as well.

Qasr Monshi Hotel in Isfahan

Qasr Monshi in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Inside the heart of Isfahan, there is a traditional house that was built in the Safavid dynasty and is one of the most gorgeous places to stay in for sure.

The atmosphere of the place will make you speechless. Entering the building, you can stand in the courtyard of the hotel, take a deep breath, and let yourself drown in the ocean of light and color. 

The colorful glasses of vintage windows let the sun rays penetrate through the dining area and show their magic by making everywhere colorful and bright. All these details make this place a perfect location for photography as well. 

Vintage furniture of the restaurant is matched well to the painted plastered walls and make you stunned. Also sitting there and enjoying the breakfast while watching flowers through the windows, all can be an unforgettable memory.

The rooms of Qasr Monshi Hotel represent the Persian culture combined with modernity. The mirror works of the walls along with the blue color of the rooms, make the area adorable.

Staying in this hotel, you will not worry about visiting attractions since you can go there by walk or use the bus station near the hotel and get there without difficulties. 

Dibai House in Isfahan

Dibai House in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

The name of this house in the Persian language means colorful silks and the definition of its name fits the place perfectly. Dibai House was built at the end of the Qajar dynasty and registered as a cultural heritage of Iran. 

The vivid blue and yellow colors and the shadow of trees can be seen on the surface of the pool’s water. Also, the wooden door and windows around the pool show the unique Persian architecture. 

You can spend quality time in Shah Neshin or the gathering area. In traditional Persian houses, the best part of the residency was called Shahneshin and would be used for guests. This tradition shows how much Iranians value their guests.

What makes this place even more spectacular is the ceiling of Shabestan, which is used as the restaurant right now. Shabestan was an underground cozy place that was mostly used during the summer and had windcatcher as the air conditioner. The ceiling has a form of a dome with a magnificent plaster design that is combined with small wooden windows. Sunlight makes the dome shine like a gorgeous diamond. 

You can find Dibai House in Harooniyeh street and get a room there. 

Sunrise Hotel

Sunrise Hotel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

The Sunrise Traditional Hotel in Ibn-e Sina Street is a perfect place for those who want to experience staying in a totally Persian atmosphere. The lovely courtyard of the hotel provides a great sitting area for you to find new friends from all around the world and spend time with them. There are several white and pink chairs around a traditional pool. The tiles inside the pool are dark black, which makes it combine better with the pink color of chairs. 

Going inside the building, you will see remarkable tile work on the wall and the floor. The artistic usage of color, wooden doors, and windows of the reception area come together to form a fascinating place. 

The rooms of the hotel can show you the courtyard from their big windows and let you have a comfortable sleep on clean beds covered with Termeh, which is a type of gorgeous Persian fabric. 

To see more of the colors and lights, you can dine inside the traditional restaurant of the hotel. The reflected light of the windows and geometrical design of the ceiling is eye-catching. The restaurant’s walls are designed with traditional Islamic patterns as well, which make this place unique. 

Mahbibi Hostel in Isfahan

Mahbibi Hostel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

If you want to see the authentic atmosphere of a traditional Persian house, hurry up and book a room in Mahbibi hostel, located in Charbagh-e Khajoo Avenue. The courtyard of the hostel looks lovely with the blue pool in the middle. You can spend a summer evening in the sitting area under the refreshing shadows of the trees. 

The design of the rooms is breathtaking. You can see beautiful chimineas in the rooms which are designed with colorful paintings. 

Looking at the ceiling, you get to see a similar pattern that has a fantastic harmony with Persian rugs on the floor and the color of the walls. You can enjoy the view of the courtyard from the rooms’ colorful windows and put the curtains aside to let the light inside. 

Seven Hostel Isfahan

Seven Hostel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

To have a cheap and comfortable stay in a cozy hostel in the middle of beautiful Isfahan, you can choose the Seven Hostel. Entering the glass door of the building, you find yourself in the hostel’s restaurant, which serves different types of delicious food. After booking your ideal room at the receptionist, you can climb stairs, walk through a narrow hallway, and enter your clean and cozy room. 

If you want to be more economical and get to know new people, you can book a bed in the hostel’s dormitory and enjoy resting there. 

The friendly staff of the hotel will help you with anything you need during your stay and provide the best services possible. 

Rag Rug Hostel

Rag Rug Hostel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

During your visit to Isfahan, you can book a bed or a private room in Rag Rug Hostel located in Sabahi street, Talar district. This modern building is decorated with traditional blue tiles and bricks to create a new atmosphere. Entering the hostel, you will see a beautiful yard with different plants and flowers. Inside the building, you will be stunned by the decoration. 

Everything looks fantastic. You can see the Khatam Kari patterns on the flooring and blue and yellow tiles on the wall. Also, a receptionist desk with a 24/7 service is available to make you feel comfortable during your stay in this hostel. Huge windows in each room let you have a magnificent view of the yard and the city, as well. You can stay in the mix or female dormitory, or book a private room with excellent room services. 

Amir Kabir Hostel

Amir Kabir Hostel in Isfahan- Termeh Travel

Being tired from a busy day getting around Isfahan and after visiting many places, you can come to the Amir Kabir Hotel in Charbagh Street and book a room to relax and get ready for more adventures. 

The front door doesn’t look like the nicest thing on earth, to be honest, but the courtyard of the hostel is furnished with yellow chairs, and tables that can provide a perfect relaxing area beside the gorgeous blue pool and plants around it. 

You can book a bed in the dormitory room, meet new people, talk to them, and make friends. 

However, for having more privacy, you can choose to stay in private rooms. 

The best part of Amir Kabir Hostel is its fantastic cafe, which is decorated in yellow and blue. The columns in the area have traditional patterns painted on them to give a traditional look to the place. You can sit on the yellow wooden chairs, drinking a Persian herbal tea, and plan the rest of your trip.

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