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Traveling to Iran as a group can be so much fun and exciting. It has the potential to hack everlasting memories in your mind while exploring the wonderland jewel of the Middle East and make you stop and ask the question: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” 

It’s an exciting ride; it can be more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that doesn’t spoil the charm. Although some introverts might raise their shields on this one – which is totally understandable – traveling anywhere in a group, not just to Iran, conjures new thrills and life-defining moments. What makes traveling to Iran as part of a group even more unforgettable is the land’s beckons beauty, unmatched history, excellent food, and never-seen hospitality. 


Tourists in Iran with Nomads

As the wise old saying perfectly imprints it: “There is safety in number!” 

Scarcely safety issues in traveling to Iran have been reported by tourists as a major factor. Merely all of them can testify to the welcoming and hospitality of the Iranian people. They can tell you that even the mainstream outlets’ malicious and unfair pictures of Iran have put a dent in their will to buy their tickets. On top of being super hospitable, Iranians take tourist safety as their own kids’ and family’s safe-keeping and will absolutely do anything to preserve incomers’ safety.

That being said, like any other place on the planet, and even in the most secure and risk-free western lands, danger sometimes lurks in the corners. Traveling to Iran as a group, and having an agency put you into a group, can rectify that and cut the hands of the demons short. It helps you and your companions learn to trust and rely on each other in some issues and reduces your dependence on the guidance of a tour guide. It also encircles your group with an ensuring bubble that emits safety: no matter what happens, there’s always someone there for them, literally! 

More Fun Activities 

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Not everything feels more enjoyable in solitude. On the contrary, doing some stuff while traveling to Iran as a group and leaving it to others clears the mind, gives space, and, ultimately, winds up just as fulfilling — if not exceeding expectations.  

Imagine taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff colored with a sunset: the sun is slowly descending to the horizon as you struggle to get the stick out of the 1000-pound backpack. One slip-up and desperation take over. Next thing you know, you’re kicking the ground, having lost a dramatic moment. You start cursing the heavens for not having a hand to help you.

Additionally, doing some stuff as a group is better and more enjoyable. It probably releases a swarm of helpful antibodies and hormones in the body and the brain that we have no clue about but takes over as the mutual activity continues. 

Meeting New People

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What’s more relaxing and natural-coming than getting to know your traveling members as you lazily waltz through an aristocratic Persian garden or enjoy a delicious spice-sticky Kebab skewer?? It almost feels like Iran’s atmosphere and vibe call you out to meet new people or strengthen the bonds with those you have just met. 

Traveling to Iran as a group makes the inner-group links more prominent and reliable. It catches curious Persian eyes as well. The Persians, on the whole, don’t bail out of a group confrontation; for them, it’s a healthy reinstatement of their ancestral ego and a way to meet and befriend outsiders. It’s a national pride and a patriotic duty to interrupt a group of strangers loitering around a palace, a park, or a historical monument as if they carry the order of “Cyrus The Great” to represent Iran as it truly stands for and its unparalleled hospitality rituals in their hearts.

Restaurants, historic sites, lodging establishments, and any installment that has anything to do with tourists offer discounts and cheaper deals to groups of travelers — which is only sensible. 

Business owners, tour sellers, and travel agencies constantly duke it out with their peers over arranging the cheapest group travel to Iran programs. That’s your queue. 

Try to book a group trip to Iran and take advantage of such a highly competitive market. Groups of travelers are in demand, and thousands of tour packages are dedicated to them.

Pushing the Comfort Zone

Group Tour in Iran Nomads - Termeh Travel

Being constantly in the presence of such welcoming and warm-hearted people is eventually bound to melt down even the coldest hearts and push people to leave their comfort zones. 

 Traveling as a group to Iran has this unstoppable force to it; a loving spell, if you will. Iranian people are to the point of “unthinkable” friendly where even the coldest, thickest exteriors crumble. It’s the perfect recipe for those who won’t leave their shells.

While exploring Iran as a group, you’d be greeted and asked into homes by locals countless times — a direct consequence of “Ta’arof etiquette” in Iran. And one can only dismiss these invitations of kindness for so long, and that won’t even be enough. The excessiveness of Iranian hospitality and welcoming gestures – although sometimes frustrating – forces nervous and confused tourists out of their comfort zones and makes them more friendly.

Share Experience & Make New Plans

Tourist Group in Lut Desert - Termeh Travel

Who says that traveling to Iran as a group can’t be as spontaneous as solo doing it? 

More often than not, we’ve witnessed bigger groups break up into smaller ones just to extend their travel duration and begin a new journey, a direct consequence of sharing their Iran experience with each other and riding the already steaming train. 

Even months can’t satisfy the ongoing thirst of Iran-worshiping cultists who want to take in all there’s about this diamond of the Middle East. However, being alone and not having someone to share the experience – or possibly the costs – withholds them from reaching mental ascent. That’s why, if possible, people in traveling groups to Iran stick around after the travels to form new smaller groups and new strategies through which to cross the places that they didn’t visit earlier off their list. This is one of the more hidden effects of why you should travel to Iran as a group! 

Final Words

Some people love traveling to Iran as a group with so much buzz, hype and offers surrounding it.

If you’re an outgoing person who finds friends everywhere and has no problem striking up a conversation with others and is an Iran fanatic, we recommend a group-travel kind of itinerary — no matter which part of the country is your destination.  

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