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The Wonders of Rainbow Island in Iran and How to Get There

Rainbow Island- Termeh Travel

There is something special about rainbows that makes you feel pure excitement under your skin just by being around them. “Follow the rainbow to find a pot of gold.” This is what folk stories say, and older people believed about the rainbow. You can travel to Iran, go toward the south, pass the tall palm trees and sparkling seas and find yourself on an island, where you feel the magical atmosphere by looking at high colorful mountains and soils. Then you know that you have arrived at Rainbow Island, where there are pots of gold, charm, and endless beauty waiting to embrace you.

Where is Rainbow Island?

Hormuz Island- Termeh Travel

Located in the south of Iran, Rainbow Island is the adequate name for gorgeous Hormuz Island. The island is located in the Persian Gulf, where rich history and culture lie. You can also have easy access to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island when you are heading to Rainbow Island, AKA Hormuz. Therefore, it is time to plan a perfect tour to the south of Iran, where you can explore this magical land and meet warm-hearted people who make your trip exceptional. 

How to Get to Rainbow Island?

To get to Rainbow Island, you can choose either Bandar Abbas or Qeshm as your stop. You have got more options if you want to go to Bandar Abbas first. You can go there by train, bus or flight; but, traveling to Qeshm is more limited since you should only book a flight. By arriving at either two places, you just need to purchase a ticket for a ferry and ride on the water to reach your destination. 

Now that you have arrived at the beautiful Rainbow Island, you need to stay for a couple of days to visit all the beauties of this place. 

Explore Rainbow Island in Iran

Salt Mountain

Salt mountain in rainbow Island- Termeh Travel

Hormuz Island has gathered all the perfect elements of the earth in a package to show off its beauty. If you go away from the buildings toward more urban sides, you can find a red mountain range that is covered with something that may look like snow at first sight. But, they are actually salt crystals that covered the mountain tips and created a gorgeous colorful scene to look at. In rainy years, you can see small streams of salty waterfall down from the mountain and leave their white trace on the red soil, which looks spectacular. 

Salt Cave

Salt cave- Hormuz- Termeh Travel

While exploring the salt mountains, you can find the mouth of a salt cave, which is tempting enough to take you inside. You should have your phone ready to turn on its flashlight and explore the cave little by little. The salt crystals shine gorgeously because of the flashlight and look like diamonds hanging from the cave. If you want to explore the salt cave on Rainbow Island, make sure you have someone to accompany you to make your adventure safer and more enjoyable. 

Rainbow Mountains

Rainbow mountain- Rainbow Island- Termeh Travel

You cannot travel to Rainbow Island without visiting the Rainbow mountains, right? Rainbow mountains are where your childhood dreams come to life, and you feel so special by being there. Everything looks like a surreal painting that is just shaped in front of your eyes. The background color is a gorgeous pale red that is designed with other colors of the rainbow to make you stunned. Make sure to bring your camera because you need pictures to prove the reality of what you have witnessed in the Rainbow Mountains.

The Red Beach

Red Beach- Hormuz- Termeh Travel

While you are walking toward the shore, you find yourself stepping on soft silvery sands. It seems that the moon has been pouring its silver powder all over the beach. Then while your bare foot touches the sands, you see red foamy waves touch your ankle and surprise you. That is when you realize you have made it to the Red Beach, also known as the Bloody Beach. The wonder of nature gets to its perfection when you arrive at the Red Beach, but wait, there are more excitements to come. 

Rainbow Cave

Rainbow Cave- Termeh Travel

Continue your walk on the beach to get to the opening of a cave, but not an ordinary one. If unicorns were real, they could be found in this cave because the moment you step in, you get amazed by the utter beauty of it. All the cave’s walls have natural rainbow colors that melt your heart and remind you of all the fantasy childhood dreams you had while sleeping. You can look at the walls for hours and find something unique in every corner of it without blinking. Because if you do, you miss some precious seconds of witnessing a masterpiece. 

Where to Stay on Rainbow Island?

The red beach hotel- Termeh Travel

Exploring all the beauty of Rainbow Island is not a one-day job. You need to stay in Hormuz for at least 2 days to visit everywhere at your pace and enjoy the fascinating island as you wish. Therefore, you need to know where to stay on Hormuz island.

The Red Beach Hotel is an excellent option if you want to book your accommodation prior to your trip to this island. The hotel’s atmosphere gives you an authentic vibe of the island and makes you feel comfortable staying there. But, if you are looking for more authenticity, you can rent rooms from locals after arriving at the island and get to know the people of Rainbow Island better. 

Rainbow Island’s Local Food

Shrimp Rice- Termeh Travel

You cannot visit an island without trying seafood unless you are a vegan or vegetarian. So, you should definitely try locals’ famous shrimp rice, which is not only delicious but also gives you another taste of seafood. The aroma of Persian spices with the delicious rice and cooked shrimp is something unforgettable. If you are vegetarian or vegan, Rainbow Island is a good place to try delicious Persian Falafels. There are many fast foods and local food trucks that serve Falafel everywhere on the island. For dessert, do not forget to try some dates with delicious tahini. This winning combination tastes delightful with a glass of Persian black tea

Iran has many gorgeous places that surprise you because of its diversity, and Rainbow Island is one of the many. Let us know if you have ever traveled to the south of Iran, especially Hormuz island and share your experience in the comments. 

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