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A Complete Guide to Find Persian Restaurants Near Me

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Imagine you are coming back from a long working day when you feel there is no energy left in your bones even to help you reach home. While you are walking on the pavement, driving your car, or seeing the crowded streets from the big blemished windows, you can only think of getting home and relaxing on the couch. At that moment, when you are tired of having foods that you always order and craving something new, you can google “Persian restaurants near me” to open the door to a variety of exotic tastes and memorable aromas.

There is another scenario to this situation. Sometimes you know how good Persian food tastes, but you are too tired to get up and make it from scratch or do not know how to do it. In either case, the ending is the same. You just need to know how to find an excellent Persian restaurant near your location, find the more appealing one, and order from it. 

You should continue reading to find the easiest ways to find Persian restaurants near you with minimum hassle, so let’s get to it.

How to Find Persian Restaurants Near Me?

Persian restaurants near me- Termeh Travel

Fifteen years ago, it was impossible to think about a specific type of dish, especially if it was not local in your area, and find your desired restaurant. Today, you just need to install some applications which make you forget what it was like living without them. Using these apps, you can easily find the best Persian restaurants near your location, no matter where you are, and pay them a visit for a lovely dining experience. 


Foursquare application is the best friend of every traveler looking for a great experience while away from home. Foursquare City Guide is designed to show you every restaurant, cafe, bar, and hotel in your area, especially when you are away from home. Using it is very straightforward. You just need to download the application from Google Play, App Store, or Foursquare’s official website and install it. Make sure to keep your GPS on and search “Persian restaurants near me” in the search box. Boom, no matter where you are, it gives you a list of the best Persian restaurants to visit near you. Enjoy!


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Similar to Foursquare, Yelp is also a great application to help you find the best restaurants in your area. Like Foursquare, you just need to search the term “Persian restaurants near me” in the app and see the list. However, the thing that distincts Yelp from Foursquare is the vivid reviews you find in this application which is followed by a detailed restaurant description. Using Yelp, you can customize your search and make sure that what you see in the result is aligned with your preferences. 


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If you are looking to find popular cuisines, especially Persian, near your location, Zomato is a nice app to use. This company started by being an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery service. If you know Urbanspoon, you may also know that Zomato bought that food portal and expanded its business. Today, you can use both the Zomato website and mobile application to add your location and search for Persian food and discover the best restaurants in your area. 


One of the oldest restaurant discovery applications is Zagat, founded in 1979 to gather the reviews and ratings of every restaurant and help people choose where to eat wisely. Zagat started by covering the restaurant in New York City, but today, this app covers almost all parts of the world. You just need to download their application or go to their website and fill the search box by writing your location and Persian as your choice of cuisine. The result can guarantee an excellent Persian restaurant near you. 

The Best Food Delivery Apps to Find Persian Food Near Me

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If you are having a gathering, or as Iranians call it, Mehmooni, and you want to impress your Iranian friends by serving them with Persian food, or you just want to try something new, this part is for you. Sometimes you do not want the hassle of making the food, so finding the best delivery apps that actually bring Persian food to your door is bliss. 

Uber Eats

One of the best ways to get the best result when asking for Persian food near where you live is to use Uber Eats. This application is programmed to ask you about your location, cuisine preference, and other filters that help you find the best answer. After installing this application from different platforms, you just need to tell Uber that you are looking for Persian food and restaurants near me. The app will list the restaurants and food in your area and help you find the best one by providing reviews. 

Just Eat

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Just Eat application is a perfect way to look for “Persian food and restaurant near me” and find a list of the best Persian restaurants in your area. After entering your postcode, you can find your ideal restaurant, which serves Iranian food, and submit a takeaway request. When your food is ready, you can easily pick it up and enjoy the perfect taste of Persian cuisine. 


If you are in America and looking for the best Persian food in your area. In that case, you just need to install Grubhub on your phone or use its official website to search for Persian restaurants near me and get stunned by numerous options that make you choose between delicious vegetarian dishes, well-appreciated Persian kebabs and awesome Persian rice that makes you stunned. After submitting your order, you should wait for it a little and receive your food delivered to you at the door. 

Google, The Ultimate Savior

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You should tell yourself that Google never lets you down. If by any chance, you could not find your ideal food or restaurant in the applications, Google comes like a knight in the middle of struggles and solves your problems. You just need to Google “Persian restaurants near me” and find everything you need in the search results. Google Maps is also a good solution to give you more information about the restaurants, their working hours, and whether they are not working at the moment because of COVID-19. See? That is why we love Google!

How to Find the Best Persian Restaurants Near Me in Iran?

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If you are traveling to Iran and need a food delivery service like Uber Eats, we got you covered. We talked about Snapp before. Now, this is time to introduce an extension of it called Snapp Food which finds the best restaurants in your area based on your location. If you have already installed Snapp, you just need to find Snapp Food on the home page and explore it further. 

Reyhoon and Delino are also two other food delivery applications that help you find Persian food when you are in Tehran. You can download Reyhoon from Google Play and have access to Delino using their app and website

Persian cuisine is one of the most amazing, surprising, and lovely cuisines. If you want to learn more about it, you should definitely check out our Persian Food section. 

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