Ash Reshteh, The Persian Magic

Ash Reshteh- Termeh Travel

In the cold nights of winter, Ash Reshteh can make your heart warm and fuzzy. However, for Iranians, this delicious Persian noodle soup is more than just a meal. Ash Reshteh is intertwined with the significant points in people’s lives more than any other dish. Ash Reshteh gathers people together and represents the value of …

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Eshkeneh and Kale Joosh, Two Appetizing Persian Stews

Eshkeneh- Termeh Travel

Imagine you are getting home after a long day at work, and you need to make something delicious, nutritious, and gorgeous for your family. My advice is to go with Eshkeneh and Kale Joosh. These two Persian stews are not only tasty but also warm and cozy options for cold winter nights. You just need …

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Persian Ice cream, The Frozen Souvenir from Persia

Persian Ice Cream- Termeh Travel

After wandering around narrow alleys of Yazd and sitting under the Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan during the hot days of summer, having Persian Ice Cream or Bastani Sonnati can soothe your soul and refresh your energy. You can smell the fragrant of saffron and Persian rosewater even before receiving your order. The coldness of the …

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Tahdig, The Crispy Game Changer of Persian Cuisine

Tahdig, Termeh Travel

Tahdig is the precious treasure of Persian cuisine and the essential part of a meal. Whenever Iranians make Persian rice, they create a masterpiece called Tahdig to be placed on top of the rice tray. This crispy item plays the role of french fries next to a burger in the Iranian table. It is simple, …

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Adas Polo, Persian Rice, and Lentils

Adas Polo, Persian rice with lentils- Termeh Travel

Adas Polo is the lifesaver of every Iranian who craves for rice but wants to eat healthy as well. If you do not know what to make for lunch, go with Adas Polo and cherish it. Different flavors in this dish make it extraordinary for you. First, the aroma of Persian rice whets your appetite, …

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Zereshk Polo, Persian Sunshine Rice with Chicken

Zereshk Polo- Termeh Travel

Zereshk Polo is the ultimate choice for those who just want to make something delicious and simple yet classy. A plate of Zereshk Polo is like a painting with the perfect harmony of colors and delightful textures. Each ingredient is bold and precise individually, but they come together to create a masterpiece that surprises you. …

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Ghormeh Sabzi, Persian Herb Stew

A Bowl of Ghormeh Sabzi, A Famous Persian Dish, Iran - Termeh Travel

Every Iranian believes that their mom makes the best Ghormeh Sabzi in the world! Italy is famous for Pizza, Mexico for Tacos, and Korea for Kimchi but Ghormeh Sabzi, the national dish of Iran is second to none. The combination of the sour taste of dried lime, exotic aroma of Persian vegetables, and tender lamb …

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Kalam Polo Shirazi, the Magic of Shiraz

Kalam Polo- Termeh Travel

Knowing that we have Kalam Polo for lunch could make me jump over the moon. I used to stand beside my mother during the whole process waiting for the time that she allowed me to make meatballs with her. While rolling the meats in my hands, I used to listen to my mother singing Persian …

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Mirza Ghasemi, The Sensational Flavor of North

Mirza Ghasemi- Termeh Travel

If you ask Iranians what Mirza Ghasemi means to them, most of the answers will guide you to the dense forests and misty fields of Gilan province. Lace-up your shoes, follow the fresh smokey smell of vegetables to the green fields, and colorful houses of Gilan and help yourself to a magnificent appetizer. Mirza Ghasemi …

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