a Persian cat laying on a sofa- Termeh Travel

Persian Cat 101, Everything You Need to Know Before Having One

If you want to name some of the most popular cat breeds in the world, the Persian cat shines among the bests. There is something special about cats, especially Persian cats that makes you want to sit on a comfy couch, hug a chubby Persian cat and caress its soft hair. While you are listening […]

Hassan Yazdani with Iran's flag- Persian Athletes - Termeh Travel

Iranian Heroes: 7 Greatest Persian Athletes

Sports are not just about adrenaline, competition, and excitement in Iran. Iranians love sports because it is a way to forget all worries and find pride and happiness by seeing Persian athletes succeed. No matter if it is a random competition in a small city’s alley or the biggest sports event in the Olympics, as […]

Scariest places in Irann- Termeh Travel

A Spooky Guide to the 7 Scariest Places in Iran

As delightful as Persian architecture and natural wonders can be, Iran is also a perfect place for horror fans. There are some places in Iran that may not be scary once they were created, but when time passed, some weird, creepy, and spooky energy entered every stone of these places. Haunted houses or empty buildings […]

Sosis Bandari- Termeh Travel

Sosis Bandari: An Easy to Make, Super Delicious Iranian Fast Food

A Sosis Bandari sandwich with its delicious toppings and amazing sauce is one of the most favorite picnic foods of every Iranian family. Iranians love picnics on summer nights, especially at weekends when you know you do not need to wake up early tomorrow morning. The families usually prepare some Sosis Bandari at home, pack […]

Old Persian Poetry- Termeh Travel

Persian Mythological Creatures and Their Stories, Part 2

In ancient Persian mythology, you can find many creatures with supernatural powers. Encountering some of them can bring joy and bliss to your life while seeing others will doom your destiny. These creatures have entered Iranian culture from other cultures, especially Arabs. So reading the story of Persian mythical creatures can be a window to […]

Rainbow Island- Termeh Travel

The Wonders of Rainbow Island in Iran and How to Get There

There is something special about rainbows that makes you feel pure excitement under your skin just by being around them. “Follow the rainbow to find a pot of gold.” This is what folk stories say, and older people believed about the rainbow. You can travel to Iran, go toward the south, pass the tall palm […]

Persian cooking utilities- Termeh Travel

Wanna Be a Persian Cuisine Master? Check Out Essential Persian Cooking Utilities

In Persian cuisine, ingredients are foundations, spices are the essence, and Persian cooking utilities are tools to perfection. You cannot use one without the other if you want to make Persian foods professionally. It is not about cooking 101, in which you need cooking wares to make your work easier; these tools are significant in […]

Ancient Persian god and goddesses- Termeh Travel

The Stories of Ancient Persian Gods, Deities and Divinities

Have you watched the American Gods or read Percy Jackson? If not, you have definitely heard of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses like Zeus, Athena, and Mars. The amusing stories of powerful divinities who control the world with their superpowers and create wonders using a little bit of drama (well, more than a little […]

Street food in Iran- Balal- Termeh Travel

What Are the Most Popular Street Foods in Iran?

After a perfect day watching Persian architecture and glory in different museums when you are walking on the street, just when you are tired and hungry, you get stunned with pleasantly wonderful smells. You have no other choice than to change your path, follow the aroma, and eventually find yourself looking at a small store […]

a kid having kebab-Persian Restaurants Near Me- Termeh Travel

A Complete Guide to Find Persian Restaurants Near Me

Imagine you are coming back from a long working day when you feel there is no energy left in your bones even to help you reach home. While you are walking on the pavement, driving your car, or seeing the crowded streets from the big blemished windows, you can only think of getting home and […]

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