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Persian Cat 101, Everything You Need to Know Before Having One

a Persian cat laying on a sofa- Termeh Travel

If you want to name some of the most popular cat breeds in the world, the Persian cat shines among the bests. There is something special about cats, especially Persian cats that makes you want to sit on a comfy couch, hug a chubby Persian cat and caress its soft hair. While you are listening to it purring, you can feel that all your stress and worries disappear. Just close your eyes and think about a Persian cat. Their fluffy body, round poker face and the serious look in their eyes; Persian cats are to die for! 

What Is the History of Persian Cats?

A Persian cat on Persian rug-  Termeh travel

According to ASPCA, we can find the earliest traces of Persian cats in history around the 1600s. If we take a look at historical books, we will see the story of an Italian traveler who fell so much in love with Persian cats that smuggled one to his home, Europe! No matter if this story is credible or not, you can find many Persian cats with worldwide popularity that are living with people as pets nowadays. 

What Are Different Persian Cat Types?

Exotic Shorthair:

Exotic Shorthair- Termeh Travel

Persian cats are adorable and no one can deny it. But, there is one tiny little flaw about them which is their long hair that falls out everywhere. Well, the problem is solved! Exotic shorthairs are still gorgeous, charismatic and fluffy, but you do not need to follow them with a vacuum cleaner. These cats have big gorgeous eyes and flat faces that can look at you and melt your heart. 

Chinchilla Persian Cats:

Chinchilla Persian Cats:- Termeh Travel

Probably one of the most striking types of Persian cats is Chinchillas. Their long hair is like a glamorous coat on the most important member of a royal family. They can sit on the couch and purr for hours in a row. Please don’t disturb them, because they tend to relax and enjoy life. 

Doll Face Persian Cats: 

Doll face Persian cat- Termeh Travel

Known as traditional Persian cats, Doll Face breeds are one of the easiest types of Persian cats to take care of. Their distinguishing feature is their face which is not as flat as the rest of Persian cats. Their nose is more forward which lets them breathe easier. So, they are less likely to have health issues. 

Peke Face Persian Cat:

Peke Face Persian Cat- Termeh Travel

If you are looking for the most typical Persian cat, Peke Face cat is for you. They can look at you with their poker face and make you feel that you’re the pet in the household. Peke Face Persian cats are cute, serious and fluffy enough to sleep next to you in your bed and make you feel their smooth hair while going to sleep. 

 The Personality of Persian Cats 

Tired Persian cat- Termeh Travel

Persian cats are perfect pets for a quiet household. They want to sleep on the floor and enjoy the sun rays on their body. Then, they stretch themselves, move around a little and find the most comfortable place like the best sofa in the house or a Persian rug to have a long nap. If they hear noises, they get mad, get up angrily and find a quiet and cozy place to continue their quiet time without being interrupted. 

Although Persian cats are shy, they are friendly too. They get along with almost everyone as long as they respect their space. Cuddle them and put them next to you on a couch or bed and continue working or read a book. This way, they love you!

How to Take Care of a Persian Cat?

Brushing Your Cat

Brushing cat- Termeh Travel

If you are looking to adopt a Persian cat, the first thing you need to be careful about is their cat coat. Persian cats have very long hair which needs maintenance and care. Therefore, you need to purchase a car brush and take care of the hair. You should know that brushing cats when they are not used to it, is not the easiest job, so make sure to train your Persian cat to get used to being brushed when they are a kitten.  

Brushing the cat by yourself on a daily basis is a must, but you should also see professional groomers, once in a while to make sure everything is fine.

Decreasing Breathing Issues

Persian cats have a higher chance of having breathing issues because of their flat face. Therefore, you need to be extra careful. The most important thing to do for your cat is to clean its nose with a cotton swipe. Then you can use a clean, warm and wet cloth to make their nose clean. 

Vaccinating Your Cat

Vaccination is one of the most primary things that you have to do if you are responsible for a cat. Special vaccines will help them with their breathing issues and prevent some serious bacterial and respiratory infections. Also, do not forget to take your cat to regular check-ups.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Eyes

Persian cat eyes- Termeh Travel

Another issue that having a cat with a flat face can cause is eye problems. To prevent that, you need to clean your cat’s eyes with a clean fabric and use some medications if their doctor finds necessary. If you see some changes in the color of your cat’s eyes, you should take them to a doctor to be examined as well. 

Most Famous Persian Cats on Social Media

If you are a cat lover, here are some new obsessions to follow on Instagram and enjoy their lovely faces:

Piggy The Himmy: 

This fluffy guy is one of the most famous Persian cats on Instagram with more than 24k followers. You can check his account out and see more of him. 

The Real Percy The Persian:

With more than 113k followers, this cat is an icon! Percy is a superstar with the form of a lion who can make you fall in love. You can follow his account on Instagram. 

Luigi The Lion Cat: 

If you want to see a Doll Face Persian cat, Luigi is posting photos of himself daily on Instagram! This cat is not only gorgeous but made for the spotlight. You should check it out by yourself.

Cats are the best pets for those who have different responsibilities because they can take care of themselves pretty well. But, if you are going to adopt a Persian cat, make sure to save this article to get back to it. 

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