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16 Best Hotels and Hostels in Shiraz

View of Pars hotel in Shiraz - Termeh Travel

Like Persian poetry, Shiraz is delicate, glorious, and enchanting. Visiting the charming Pink Mosque and the noble and alluring Masjed-e Vakil can melt your heart. Walking among bitter orange trees in the gorgeous gardens of Shiraz and smelling the aroma of their blossoms will enchant you. 

Shiraz is a place to explore and enjoy thoroughly. Even the atmosphere of the city and the attitude of its people will not allow you to hurry. Everything in Shiraz has its own relaxing rhythm to convince you to stay longer and enjoy the fascinating city.

In the case of finding suitable accommodation, there is no need to worry. Shiraz has a lot of traditional and modern hotels and hostels to offer. So here you can find out about Best Hotels and Hostels in Shiraz

Best Hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel

The Shiraz Grand Hotel- Termeh Travel

After passing Darvazeh Quran or the Qur’an Gate, you can find this 5-star hotel on the right side of the road. The architectural design of the building is so spectacular that it has turned this hotel into a symbol of Shiraz. 

Inside the hotel, you notice the combination of gold and brown on the walls, which go with the gray marble floor. You can see two engraved forms of men with the body of horses on the walls that can originally be found in Persepolis, which symbolizes protection and safety. The mixture of Persian culture within this modern building represents the gentility and glamour of the Shiraz Grand Hotel. 

There is a pool with a fountain in the lobby to make the place look alive, which has been inspired by the design of traditional Persian houses. High columns of the hall remind you of Persepolis as well, and the spiral crystal chandelier between them makes the area bright and glamorous. 

Climbing up the curved staircase, you get to the second and third floors, which give you access to the gym and swimming pool of the hotel. The perfect view of the gym lets you enjoy the beauty of Shiraz while doing some workout. 

When you get hungry, you do not need to go outside of the hotel. You can choose between Italian, traditional, International, and seafood restaurants in the hotel and enjoy every bite of your food. Also, for having a wonderful experience, you can choose the Panoramic restaurant of the Shiraz Grand Hotel. Dining at this restaurant, you will have a 360 view of the city and the mountains around it, which are spectacular, with no doubts! 

By making a reservation in this hotel, you have easy access to Shiraz’s historical sites. 

Homa Hotel in Shiraz

Homa Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

One of the oldest yet gorgeous 5-star hotels in Shiraz is the Homa hotel, located in Moshkin Faam Street. This perfect location allows you to discover every bit of Shiraz without difficulty and enjoy your journey completely. 

Looking at the exterior design of the Hotel, you see a huge white building surrounded by green space with beautiful palm trees. 

Entering the lobby, a grand bright area furnished with comfortable chairs and wooden tables make you feel at home. Also, the particular design of the ceiling, along with crystal chandeliers, creates an eye-catching perspective. 

You can dine inside the restaurant in the hotel and try its delicious foods. There is an excellent combination of classic chairs and tables with the floor to ceiling windows. One of the best features of the hotel is its charming garden. The ambiance of the garden allows you to relax and enjoy the pleasant sunlight of Shiraz while eating Faloodeh Shirazi, which is a sweet and cold dessert similar to sorbet. It is made of noodles, sugar, and rose water that can be served with lemon juice as well.

Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz

Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

Staying in the 5-star Zandiyeh Hotel, you can sense the true beauty of Persian culture. The architectural design of the building is breathtaking. The design was inspired by Arg-e Karim Khan, which is a major amazing attraction in Shiraz. Staying in this hotel, you can visit Arg-e Karim Khan, Vakil complex, the tomb of Hafez, and the Pink Mosque with no difficulty. 

The interior design of the hotel has a classic and traditional yet luxurious ambiance, as well. The ceiling is decorated with traditional blue and white plasters. 

If you want to have a dining experience like an Iranian, you should definitely try the traditional restaurant of the hotel. You can sit on the unique chairs that look like the Persian sitting area called Takht and be stunned by the traditional paintings on the walls. These paintings are called Negargari, which is a type of Persian art and is mostly about the stories of Shahnameh. 

Do not forget to order Kalam Polo, which is a delicious Shirazi dish made of fried cabbage, dill, and cooked rice with ground fried beef meatballs. 

Nothing more than a traditional Persian bath can take your exhaustion away. There is a Persian Hammam available in the hotel, which is like old bathhouses that date back to the Zandiyeh Dynasty, and trying it will be an unforgettable experience. 

Chamran Hotel of Shiraz

Chamran Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

To stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can book a room in the Chamran Hotel, located in one of the most beautiful streets in Shiraz called Chamran. As one of the highest buildings of Shiraz, you have the opportunity to use its elevator, go to the rooftop of the hotel, and touch the sky. Looking at the small river which passes through the city and the fantastic gardens in the area can mesmerize you. 

Inside this skyscraper, you will face a spectacular design of light which is perfectly combined with modern and comfortable furniture. You can see a wall full of pictures of celebrities who stayed in this hotel in the lobby as well. 

No matter which type of food you are eager to try, there are a variety of dishes in the four different restaurants in the hotel that will satisfy you. You can choose traditional, international, and seafood and enjoy looking at the dancing lights of the city during the night as well as the gorgeous view of the town in the daytime. 

The panoramic restaurant of the Chamran Hotel surrounds you by the undeniable beauty of Shiraz. 

Arg Hotel in Shiraz

Arg Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

If you want to stay in a gorgeous, traditional yet on-budget hotel, you should not hesitate and book a room in the Arg Hotel. Although this is a 2-star hotel, you can enjoy the spectacular atmosphere and high-quality facilities of this place. 

By looking at the exterior design of the hotel, you will notice the beauty of Islamic art combined with modern architecture. Going inside the lobby of Arg Hotel, this combination shows itself again in the color and pattern of the walls.

For spending a lovely evening, you can go to the hotel’s coffee shop. Sitting on the wooden chairs, ordering a delicious herbal tea with Koloocheh Masqati, which is a Shirazi sweet, will double the enjoyment of the place. The natural light of the big windows shines on the green flowers hanging from the ceiling and makes the area radiant. 

Karimkhan Hotel in Shiraz

KArim Khan Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

The 4-star Karimkhan Hotel in Roudaki Street is where you can get glamoured with the magic of Shiraz. This brand new traditional hotel uses every feature of the Persian design to let you stare at the colorful windows and stunning wall patterns of the place for hours and enjoy every detail of it. 

Stepping in the building, you will find yourself in the land of glory and color. 

The lobby of the hotel has a more golden and brown theme. The light of chandeliers and wall sconces make the place look bright, and the classic furniture provides a suitable place to hang out. 

If you want to dine inside the hotel, there is a well-decorated traditional restaurant available for you. Like the receptionist area, the restaurant is designed with stained glasses and furnished with traditional cushions to sit on. Although the atmosphere and decorations of this restaurant are breathtaking, you might have some better dining options outside of the hotel. There are a lot of perfect traditional restaurants in Roudaki Street. 

Niyayesh Hotel

Niyayesh Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

Inside one of the oldest areas of Shiraz, near Shah Cheragh Shrine, the wooden design and colorful glasses of Niyayesh Boutique Hotel’s doors will astonish you. You can enter the courtyard, sit on the edge of a traditional blue pool full of goldfish, and enjoy the pleasant smell of bitter orange trees’ blossoms in the spring. 

A tea house is available in the courtyard to let you taste delicious herbal and black teas. You can also sit on the comfortable chairs outside and appreciate the atmosphere. 

The cute restaurant in the hotel is ready to offer you different traditional dishes that taste like heaven. Sitting on the wooden dining area, you can see the outstanding decoration of this place. Walls are covered with Persian poems written with the most beautiful Persian font called Nastaliq next to a portrait painting of Hafez.

Niyayesh Hotel has rooms that are decorated traditionally to represent Persian houses. The rainbow light passes through colorful glasses and shines on the tiny niches in the rooms. You can lay on the bed, look at the wooden and glass decorated ceiling, and get ready for a new adventure in Shiraz. 

Elysee Hotel 

Elysee Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

In Maali Abad street, near most of the best shopping malls of Shiraz, you can find the 4-star Elysee Hotel. The lighting design of the hotel makes the building shine in the night. Entering the lobby, you can make yourself comfortable, sit on the red and white sofas, hang out with others, and order a drink to make you feel fresh. 

One of the best parts of the hotel is the Marlin Restaurant, which serves many delicious foods as well as warm fresh bread. The ambiance of this place reminds you of cozy European restaurants. There are many picture frames on the walls next to the tiny wooden windows with cute white drapes. While waiting for your food, you can see the gorgeous oven and smell the fresh bread being baked. 

Although the welcoming atmosphere and the high-quality facilities of the hotel will guarantee you a pleasant stay, to be honest, accessing the famous attractions of Shiraz will not be easy since the hotel is located far from the city center.

Shiraz International Pars Hotel

Pars Hotel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

Pars Hotel is where you can find a relaxing place in the middle of the crowdedness of Zand Street. This 4-star hotel lets you walk to Arg-e Karimkhan, savor the Pink Mosque, and Shop at Vakil Bazaar. 

Entering the Pars Hotel, you will see the front desk, which is designed with traditional Persian patterns, which can be found in Persepolis. The dominant color used in this hotel is red, and you can find it everywhere. The dark color of the floor and walls goes with the white and red lights perfectly.

The main feature that distinguishes this hotel from others is the Reza Confectionary inside the hotel. You can walk in the hallways and smell the sweetness of fresh cakes and traditional desserts. 

To dine inside the hotel, you can choose between traditional and international foods that are served in different restaurants. 

Although the perfect location of this hotel gives you easy access to most of the attractions in Shiraz, you can find a better hotel at a more reasonable price. 

Best Hostels in Shiraz

Taha Hostel 

Taha Hostel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

Taha Hostel in Namazi intersection, inside Sang-e Siyah neighborhood, is not just a hostel. Booking a bed there, you can see the pure form of a traditional Persian house. 

The best word to describe this boutique in the heart of Shiraz is “colorful.” 

Standing in the courtyard, you will be surrounded by tall orange trees, which were known to be the symbol of blessing, and Shirazi people grew them in their houses. The large pool in the middle of the yard reflects the sunlight, and individual rooms around it can give you a perfect view of the yard. Each room has big windows with geometrical patterns and colorful glasses to change the mood of this place by adding vivid colors to it. Different types of rooms have unique designs. Some are decorated with mirrors, colorful glasses, and woods, while others have brown brick walls to make the rooms look more snug. Therefore, if you are not a big fan of bright bedrooms, you can have a bed in cozy rooms designed with mud-bricked walls and small niches. 

Sirah Hostel

Sirah Hostel in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

A few minutes away from the Pink Mosque, you will find a wooden door in Namazi Intersection. Opening the door and climbing down the stairs, you will find yourself in a charming courtyard full of flowers and trees. The seating area in the yard can be an amazing place to relax and have a cup of black tea as a refreshment. 

 Looking around, you will see an outstanding white building covered by plaster and decorated with Persian patterns. To reach the entrance of the building, you need to climb about 12 steps and open a colorful wooden door. 

Honestly, the interior design of each room is not as beautiful as the outside of it; however, the perfectly clean bedsheets and comfortable beds can offer you a pleasant sleep. 

Seven Hostel in Shiraz

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay while visiting the fantastic city of Shiraz, you should book a bed in Seven Hostel without a second thought. 

The huge Bougainvillea in the yard adds extra color to the place. You can sit under its shadow on the comfortable Takht, which is a Persian bed made for sitting, and hang out with new people in the hostel. There is a lovely outdoor coffee shop in the yard, which lets you order a drink or snack whenever you want. 

The yummy watermelon and melon juice, as well as Shirazi distillate sherbets of the hostel, can be a great option during the hot days of summer. 

Being located in Namazi Intersection, you do not need to worry about accessing Shiraz’s attractions, since you can get to most of them even by walking. 

Seven Color Hostel in Shiraz-Best Hotels and Hostels in Shiraz- Termeh Travel

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