Persian Bread, Barbari- Termeh Travel

7 Fantastic Persian Breads and How to Make Them

On a cold winter morning, when you are still in bed, suddenly you smell the enchanting aroma of Persian bread or as Iranians call them “Naan” that your parents just bought. Thinking about a delicious breakfast with feta cheese, herbs, sweet black tea, and fresh, warm Persian Bread gives you enough motivation to get out […]

Tahdig - Termeh Travel

How to Make the Best Tahchin Ever in 5 Steps

Tahchin is one of the most popular and lovely Iranian foods that can make you fall in love with Persian cuisine. This sumptuous dish has every element of a superb Persian food inside to create perfection. You look at Tahchin and see the golden Tahdig (the scorched rice) shining with a thick layer of oil […]

Persian Ghalamkari on Fabric- Termeh Travel

Ghalamkari, the Ultimate Beauty

Watching a Ghalamkari work is like stepping inside a fictional book full of different stories. By looking at the floral patterns, you can imagine yourself in a garden, touching the flowers and smelling their scent. You will also follow a Persian soldier hunting on his horse among the cedar trees. The natural color of a […]

Beaches in Iran- Termeh Travel

Top 6 Wonderful Beaches in Iran

If you are looking for a memorable and relaxing holiday, the beaches in Iran are glamorous, dreamy, and fun to explore. The fantastic news is that these beaches do not limit you only to summer days since Iran has a diverse climate, and you have the opportunity to enjoy walking on the beach any time […]

Car rental in Iran- Termeh Travel

Car Rental in Iran, Everything You Need to Know

Car rental would be a decent option to explore the fascinating country of Iran for different routes and destinations. Iran is blessed with outstanding landscapes and nature due to its varied climate; Therefore, if you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker, you can rent a car, drive at your own pace and stop […]

Coronavirus in Iran- Termeh Travel

All You Need to Know about Coronavirus in Iran

Right before the beautiful spring of Iran, when everything was getting ready for the Persian New Year or Nowruz, the pandemic of coronavirus in Iran changed everything. This year, nothing was like a perfect Persian new year in which everyone is happy and blessed because of the fascinating nature as well as being around family […]

Loobia Polo- Termeh Travel

Loobia Polo (The Perfect Persian Green Bean Rice)

Loobia Polo is one of the most delicious yet nostalgic Persian recipes that can take every Iranian to those rainy days in winter when they open the door and feel the aroma of Loobia Polo and the warmth of the house. By looking at the recipes of different cultures, there are only a few dishes […]

Takht-e Soleyman- Termeh Travel

All You Need to Know about Takht-e Soleyman

Golden sun rays shine through the ancient ruins and dance on the surface of the lake. The magical Takht-e Soleyman looks more mysterious when you are staring at the deep deceptive water in pure silence, while the appealing breeze is creating slow-moving waves. Tracing the history of this ancient site can lead us to mythical […]

Susa- Termeh Travel

Susa, The Ancient Treasure

The ancient city of Susa is where the glamour of the Persian empire is hidden like a treasure. Although the city is old, its heart pumps strongly to show how lively it is, and the flowing river in the middle of it vivifies every corner of Susa. The city that once was adored and protected […]

Chogha Zanbil- Termeh Travel

What Do You Know about Chogha Zanbil?

Thousands of years ago, when mother nature intertwined with humankind’s lifestyle to provoke inspirations in order to discover the reasons for natural phenomena, one of the oldest civilizations on earth called Elam was created. Chogha Zanbil is the standing proof of human beings’ rich and ancient history when the world was still free from the […]

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