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Top 6 Wonderful Beaches in Iran

Beaches in Iran- Termeh Travel

If you are looking for a memorable and relaxing holiday, the beaches in Iran are glamorous, dreamy, and fun to explore. The fantastic news is that these beaches do not limit you only to summer days since Iran has a diverse climate, and you have the opportunity to enjoy walking on the beach any time of the year that you desire. 

The beaches in Iran are pure, captivating, and relaxing. The sense, touch, and beauty of each beach are different. Therefore, you are free to choose the place that you like the most. 

Knowing about beaches in Iran is like being on a journey from the south to the north. However, before getting to know different beaches, let’s get familiar with the concept of “Ladies’ Beach.”

What Is Ladies’ Beach? 

Ladies' Beach in Iran- Termeh Travel

Due to the strict Islamic rules in Iran, Hijab is a must. Therefore, women cannot go to the beach without wearing scarfs, long sleeve shirts, and long trousers. If you are a lady and want to go to the beach, you need to have a proper dress. However, there are “Ladies’ Beaches” or Lady’s Sections in most of the beaches in Iran, which are dedicated to women to enjoy the sun and the sea without the hijab. As a woman, the only place in which you can swim in the sea is there. 

What Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the North of Iran?

The unique feature that makes the beaches of the north different, is the The unique feature that makes the beaches of the north different is the combination of forest and the sea. You can stand on the sands, see the water on one side and the trees on the other side. Besides that, the smell of the air and its temperature is totally different from what you will experience in the south of Iran.

Salman Shahr Beach

Salman Shahr Beach- Termeh Travel

If you are looking for a modern touristic place to spend your holiday in, Salman Shar Beach in Motel Ghoo is the one. Salman Shahr Beach is family-friendly, which makes it one of the most popular beaches in Iran for Persians. There are many entertainment facilities to enjoy while being there, such as Jet skiing, riding motorboats, and parasailing. A commercial twin tower in that area has become the symbol of Motel Ghoo and allows you to have access to anything you need. 

The Salman Shahr Beach itself is unbelievably gorgeous. Although the beach gets crowded during the summer, this crowdedness cannot be bothersome. You get the calmness of the sea while you are getting excited by watching people play around happily. 

The best time to visit Salman Shahr Beach is around spring and summer to enjoy the weather as well.

Gisoom Beach

Gisoom Beach- Termeh Travel

One of the most gorgeous and mysterious beaches of all is called Gisoom Beach, located in Gilan Province. You can literally see the blue lights among the trees of Gisoom Forest, put the trees behind, and step on the glittering sands of Gisoom Beach with bare feet. You can get closer to the water, let the rolling waves touch your feet, and the coolness of water run through your skin. 

If you are looking for a quiet place to camp and hang out around the water, Gisoom Beach is a perfect option. You can go to sleep listening to the relaxing sound of the sea and come to the beach early in the morning. Watching the sunrise, spreading its golden colors into the water, and making crystal waves is enough to make your heart melt.

What Do the Beaches in the South of Iran Look Like?

When the warm weather makes your heart beat faster, and the humidity of it touches your skin, you will know that you have arrived in the south of Iran. The south is where you get to see the most humble and kind people of all time, as well as witnessing some of the extraordinary beaches in Iran. 

During the winter, you do not need to dream about happy sunny days of summer, the beaches in the south of Iran make your dream come true.

The Red Beach

The Red Beach- Termeh Travel

Just at sunset, when the sky is full of red sun rays, you can follow the light to Hormoz Beach. Then Look at the rocks all around you and realize the pure redness combined with the lucid blue of the sea. The unique Red Beach, located in Bandar Abbas, is one of the most strange yet amazing wonders of nature. You can get closer to the sea until the bloody water surrounds your ankle and enjoy this magical moment, created by the enchanting Red Beach.

Rishehr Beach

Rishehr Beach- Termeh Travel

Rishehr Beach in Bushehr Province is unique and amazing because of the rocky landscape and moss stones. Although the weather of Bushehr is hot, Risher Beach is one of the coolest places to do water-related activities such as boat riding. You can also climb the rock, stand on top of them and look at the endless water beneath your feet. Listening to seagulls singing their special songs and looking at the blue water around, can detach you from time and place and make you drown in your sweetest dreams.  

Marjan Beach

Marjan Beach- Termeh Travel

Marjan Beach, located in Kish Island, is one of the dreamiest beaches in Iran. Again, during the coldest days of the year, you can travel to Kish Island, walk on the warm, shiny sands of the beach and let your stress fly away. 

Since this beach is totally family-friendly, you can let your children make sandcastles and enjoy watching them play. Marjan Beach can be a perfect place for a long walk when you need to find your tranquility and peace. When the foamy waves fade into the creamy sands and leave some seashells behind, you get to see how sun rays shine on them to make them look like little diamonds.

Zeitoon Beach

Zeitoon Beach- Termeh Travel

One of the Best Places to go with a group of friends for a weekend is definitely Zeitoon Beach, located in Qeshm Island. Plenty of water-related games are available there to let you enjoy doing them with friends. However, what can make you satisfied more than a game of beach volleyball? To make sure your day ends perfectly, you can dine at one of the many fabulous restaurants at Zeitoon Beach and enjoy their high-quality foods as well. 

Nothing can make your mind and body ready for continuing the routine life, more than a dreamy journey to a relaxing beach. If you are eager to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your life to boost your energy, you should travel to Iran with no hesitation and enjoy the golden sands and blue seas of the beaches in Iran. 

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