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How Can Pakistanis Apply for an Iran Visa?

Iran Visa for Pakistani Citizens- Termeh Travel

Iran continues to be one of the Middle East’s most visited countries during recent years. The pleasant weather of Iran and the fact that traveling to this country is affordable, make Iran one of the best destinations for a perfect trip. If you are from Pakistan and are planning to be among the millions of tourists who have visited this astonishing land, you need to know what are the rules for getting an Iran visa as a Pakistan citizen and how can you apply for it. 

How Can Pakistanis Apply for an Iran Visa?

Do Pakistani Citizens Need a Visa for Traveling to Iran?

Iran Visa for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

Iran and Pakistan share the same border as well as sharing many similarities in their culture. The language of Iran and Pakistan has the same root, and the majority of people in these two countries are Muslim. However, Pakistan is not one of the countries that its people are allowed to visit Iran without visas. Therefore, Pakistanis must apply for visas before traveling to Iran.

Is it Possible for Pakistanis to Get Iran Visa on Arrival?

Iran Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis

Although there is a friendly relationship between Iran and Pakistan, getting an Iran Visa on Arrival or VOA is not an option for Pakistan passport holders. Like some other nationalities, the visa applications of Pakistanis will be rejected in the airports when they want to apply for a Visa on Arrival in Iran.

In order to prevent this issue from happening, Pakistani travelers have other options. 

How Can Pakistani Passport Holders Travel to Iran?

Iran visa for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

There are different ways of applying for an Iran visa. You can personally go to the Iran embassy in Islam Abad and fill the visa application there.

To apply for the visa, you need to have:

  •  Your application form with a copy of it
  • Four passport-style photos
  • Your passport with a minimum of six-month validity 
  • The visa fee

Since the process of getting an Iran visa in this way is time-consuming, you need to apply for a visa at least three weeks before your trip to Iran.

How Can Pakistani Citizens Apply for Iran Visa Online?

Iran Online Visa for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

For traveling to Iran, you need to get an E-Visa, which is an option provided by the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs to let you apply for Iran Visa online. You have the option of applying for an E-Visa via the MFA website and then go to the Iran embassy in Islam Abad, and continue the process there. 

Termeh Travel can help you in this process by providing 24/7 online support and a higher chance of approval in exchange for a reasonable price. The only thing that you should do is fill the Iran Visa application and let the Termeh Travel team take care of everything. 

If you want to be aware of your Iran Visa status, you can check the Termeh Travel website to track your visa application and show your visa status.

What Are the Requirements for Applying for an E-Visa?

Online Visa Application for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

To get an E-Visa, you need to fill out the application which asks you about your personal information such as your name, phone number, and email address. Then you need to upload a passport-style photo and the scan of the first page of your valid passport. 

After getting your visa approved, you can collect it in the nearest Iran embassy or consulate in Pakistan.

Termeh Travel

Note: Due to the new rules for getting an Iran Visa, you can wait for 4-7 Iran business days, which is from Saturday to Wednesday, and collect your visa by paying the regular price, or you can pay an extra 50% and receive your visa instantly. 

How Much Does Iran Visa Cost for Pakistanis?

How Much Does Iran Visa costs for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

To find the price of getting an Iran Visa as a Pakistani, you can check Iran visa fees on the Termeh Travel website. By entering the name of your country and clicking on the “evaluate” button. There you can see all the information about how much you need to pay to get an Iran visa. 

How Can You Extend Your Iran Visa?

Iran Visa Extension- Termeh Travel

After getting your Iran visa, you are permitted to stay in Iran for up to 30 days; however, you can extend it for another 30 days two more times. In order to do so, you need to go to the Iranian Foreign Affairs offices and fill out an application. By paying 400,000 rials or about 5 euros, you can extend your visa. 

For extending your visa, you also need to have:

  • Two passport-style pictures.
  • Your application
  • The bank payment slip
  • The complete photocopy of your ID, valid passport, and visa.
  • Your passport with a minimum of six-month validity

You can find the Iranian Foreign Affairs offices in different cities of Iran. By extending your visa in small cities, you can speed up the process and save your time. 


If you want to extend your visa in Tehran, you need to go to Shahr Ara Street.


The MFA office in Isfahan is located in Roudaki Bypass.

Shiraz :

In Shiraz, you can find the MFA office in Modarres Boulevard.


By going to Shahid Lavasani Street, you can find the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs office there. 


The office of MFA is located in Bahonar Boulevard, Valiasr Alley of Yazd.

What are the Different Types of Iran Visas for Pakistani Citizens?

Beside Tourist Visa that lets you explore Iran and get to see the most beautiful landscapes, historical attractions, and hospitable people, Pakistanis can get an Iran visa and travel to this country for different purposes. 

Iran Business Visa for Pakistani Passport Holders

Iran Business Visa for Pakistanis- Termeh Travel

By applying for an Iran business visa, which is valid for 14 days, you get the chance to do business-related activities in this country for a short amount of time. 

For getting an Iran business visa, you need to have:

  • A valid business application form
  • Your passport with at least six-month validity
  • Three passport-style photos

Women need to have Islamic Hijab in their photo.

  • Iran Visa stamp fee and visa service fee

You also need to write down the information about your hosting company which is:

  • The name and the register number of the hosting company.
  • The address and the contact information of the hosting company
  • The scan of the hosting company’s invitation letter, seal, and signature.
  • Personal information of the hosting company’s manager, i.e., the scan of his/her birth certificate and the address of his/her residence. 

Iran Transit Visa for Pakistanis

Iran Transit Visa for Pakistanis

Pakistanis who want to go to a third destination through Iran and have no plans for staying in this country also need to get a visa. This visa is valid for three days, and you can apply for that online. 

Iran Pilgrimage Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Iran Pilgrimage Visa for Pakistani Muslims- Termeh Travel

Muslim Pakistani citizens who are planning on traveling to Iran to visit holy shrines in the country can apply for an Iran Pilgrimage Visa online. 

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