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Iran’s Travel Cost: Is Traveling to Iran Affordable?

Traveling to Iran is way more amazing than you can imagine. Iran is a gorgeous country with delightful natural wonders, friendly people, and delicious food. But more importantly, Iran’s travel cost is truly affordable. You can enjoy your trip to Iran in different ways, from a luxurious trip to a very reasonable hitchhike adventure that […]

Nowruz Mythology - Termeh Travel

Darkness vs. Light: Nowruz Mythology and Folktales

Happiness, hope and, more importantly, a new beginning! These are the three concepts associated with the new year. Since human beings observed the change of seasons, they noticed that spring is when nature gets renewed. The Iranian new year or Nowruz mythology is full of stories about the endless battles between the forces of light […]

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Looking for Unique Presents? Try Iranian Gifts and Souvenirs

Do you remember when you were a kid and looked forward to receiving souvenirs? Yes, I am talking about the feeling of joy and excitement of waiting for someone to come back from a trip and bring you something special. As you grow older, although the thrill of getting a souvenir is still there, buying […]

Are Iranians Arab? - Termeh Travel

Are Iranians Arabs? A Comprehensive Overview

If we want to make a list of the most common questions about Iranians, “Are Iranians Arabs?”  would be at the top of the list. If you have an Iranian friend, you may witness people asking this question a lot from them. There are different reactions to this simple question. Some people laugh, some others […]

rumi stories

Fascinating Rumi Stories About Love, Truth, and Life

Rumi stories can blow your mind, melt your heart and make you stand in awe. True literature is in fact the one that can be understandable, engaging, and fascinating even after the passing of time. This is exactly what Rumi stories are. Their everlasting quality and engaging atmosphere have an effect on your soul and […]

Fish and herb rise- Sabzi Polo ba Mahi - Termeh Travel

How to Make Sabzi Polo ba Mahi for Nowruz?

Like a perfect roasted turkey for Thanksgiving or Chinese dumplings for the new year, Sabzi Polo ba Mahi is the wonderful meal that makes you taste Nowruz’s arrival. What a delicious taste! You feel the softness of fish that melts in your mouth while the herbal rice spoils you with its delectability. Something is missing […]

Afro-Iranian-Feature- Termeh Travel

Afro Iranians, The Forgotten Pearl

I am an Iranian! This is the first thing you hear from Afro Iranians in a conversation about their roots. Although they look different, Afro Iranians are a significant yet forgotten marginalized group in Iran. The Iranian history or literature did not appreciate these amazing people, but it is time to get to know them […]

modern Persian poets- Sohrab Sepehri- Termeh Travel

Inspirational Persian Poets Who Changed Modern History

If you think about the fact that each Iranian once made a decision based on Hafez’s poems, you see how significant poetry is for the people of Iran. For the majority of Iranians, poetry is something to refer to when they are experiencing an extreme emotion which there is no word to describe. Then, there […]

Persian Wedding- Termeh Travel

Persian Wedding: Disney’s Fairy Tales Ceremony

The traditional form of a glamorous Persian wedding is a childhood dream. The music that was played in the air was the messenger of happiness. People used to throw a party for seven days and nights. The whole family and relatives gathered around, wearing their most elegant local clothes, and helped the couple’s family to […]

Graffiti in Iran- Zeevou

A Journey Through Graffiti in Iran, Illegal Advocacy or Captivating Art

Some people call it art; others know it as a criminal or rebellious activity that makes cities look ugly. Putting any assumptions aside, graffiti in Iran is a controversial topic. If you walk in crowded streets in Tehran or other big cities, you see some interesting paintings on walls representing a social issue or just […]

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